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The editors would like to encourage all readers to submit papers for publication. All papers are reviewed by the editors and at least one referee. Please note that publication in Calgary Papers in Linguistics does not preclude further publication of the same paper in another journal.

The editors are aware of the fact that making your paper comply with particular guidelines is an extremely time consuming process. Therefore, there is no elaborated style sheet or page limit. However, we request that the submissions meet the minimal formatting requirements outlined below:

1. Papers must be submitted electronically, and be in PDF format. The addresses for submission are:, or Don't submit a hard copy!

2. All submissions must include an abstract (maximum 400 words). The abstract should appear on first page of the paper, and also submitted as a separate PDF file.

3. The first page must include: title, authorís name and affiliation, abstract.

4. Margins: 1 inch on all four sides

5. Text & examples: 1.5 spaced, 12-point size, justified, with no blank lines between paragraphs. Use one blank line between different examples, as well as between examples and the body of the text.

6. Notes: Footnotes at the end of page, 10-point font size, justified

7. Pagination: The numeration should begin with 101. Page numbers should appear in the top left corner of even pages, and the top right corner of odd pages. The pagination should begin with the second page.

8. The Authorís Initials and Last Name should appear in the top right corner of each even page.

9. The Title of the paper should appear in the top left corner of each odd page.

10. 1001, Calgary Papers in Linguistics 00 101 should appear in the left bottom corner of the first page.

11. Author's contact information should appear on the last page following the references.

To view sample pages click here.

The editors reserve the right to return papers for revisions if they do not conform to the requirements above. Other features (e.g., acknowledgments, references, use of capital letters, indented vs. non-indented paragraphs, etc.) are accepted in any format, as long as this format is consistent throughout the paper.

Starting from volume 25, Calgary Papers in Linguistics is available on CD upon request. If you would like to establish an exchange with our department, or if you have any questions, please send us an e-mail to one of the addresses above.


Ilana Mezhevich
Michael B. Dobrovolsky


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