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Expense Disclosure

The University of Calgary is committed to transparency, good governance and fiscal responsibility. As part of this commitment, we proactively disclose the hospitality and travel expenses of the executive team and members of the board of governors. This disclosure fully aligns with Alberta Treasury Board guidelines and our own Public Disclosure of Expenses Policy and Hospitality and Travel Expenses Policy.

In order to enhance transparency, we organize expenses according to event. This allows us to show travel, meals, accommodation and other expenses as they pertain to events and trips, in order to provide context to interested parties. For this reason, expense records are posted periodically after the event or trip is complete and expenses have been processed, reconciled, checked for compliance against our policies, and approved -- not when the initial expense is incurred. This is why there may be some time lag in disclosure, or periods where there are no expenses to disclose for a particular individual.

We disclose summary expense information as well as event and trip descriptions and receipts. To protect the privacy of third parties and others, in some cases personal and other confidential information has been redacted (blacked out) or removed prior to posting.

Not all individuals have hospitality and travel expenses yet to disclose. Those with expenses to disclose are hyperlinked.

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