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The first question many students have about Kinesiology is, "What can you do with a Kinesiology degree?" The answer is many, many things. Kinesiology is the study of human movement and it is fundamentally concerned with human health and wellness. As a result you'll find that a Kinesiology degree is an excellent spring-board to many careers in sports, recreation, health and fitness and education.

It's also a great stepping stone to secondary education and many of our undergraduates have gone on to pursue further education in fields such as medicine, chiropracty, physiotherapy or dentistry.

You probably have many questions about how to get into the Faculty, including what courses to take, when to apply and what average is needed for admittance. The place to go for information on all of your admissions questions is the University's admissions website, please go there first! You can also check out the Prospective Students Page

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