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Mind Sciences in Kinesiology

Bachelor of Kinesiology (Mind Sciences in Kinesiology)
Bachelor of Science (Mind Sciences in Kinesiology)

A listing of course requirements specific for the Mind Sciences in Kinesiology Program

Mind Sciences in Kinesiology Program Planner - Admitted Fall 2015 and onward (PDF)
Mind Sciences in Kinesiology Program Planner - Admitted prior to Fall 2015 (PDF)
Course Descriptions

What is Mind Sciences in Kinesiology?

The discipline of Kinesiology involves the study of human movement from any theoretical and applied perspectives, including structural, functional, mechanical, historical, psychological, and sociological aspects. The Mind Sciences program in Kinesiology at the University of Calgary gives students the opportunity to learn various approaches of researchers and practitioners use to better understand human behavior.

Students who pursue the Mind Sciences in Kinesiology Program (BKinor BSc) will be provided with a comprehensive education in the areas of Behavioral Neuroscience, Cognition and Neuromotor Control, Exercise Psychology, and Personality and Social Psychology as applied to sport. At the same time, the program also requires breadth so that students must include courses outside the Faculty of Kinesiology to gain an interdisciplinary understanding. The program is designed to give students flexibility to take a variety of courses (e.g. Applied Psychology, Medical Sciences, Philosophy, and Psychology) or alternatively, take a number of courses in a specialized area (e.g Behavioural Neuroscience).

For more information see Mind Sciences FAQ.

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