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Kinesiology Majors

The Faculty of Kinesiology's academic programs are fully accredited by its national governing association. Our curriculum builds on a common core of subject matter in all six majors, including: anatomical and physiological bases of human movement; growth and development; biomechanics; leadership and communication skills; history, philosophy, and sociology of activity and sport; neuromotor and psychological study of physical activity and health; and human activity.

Students can major in any one of the following areas. As you progress in your academic career and choose a Kinesiology major, make sure you are aware of the course requirements required by each degree. To help you you'll find a specific course guide/planner (along with lots of information about each degree) under each of the tabs devoted to the six majors on the left.

Also note, within each Major you can complete a Bachelor of Kinesiology (BKin) or a Bachelor of Science (BSc) and earn an Honours degree. For more information about Honours degrees, please contact our undergraduate student advisors.

The General Major (BKin or BSc) offers flexibility to choose courses from Kinesiology and other faculties to tailor the program to individual needs and interests. It is the most flexible of all Kinesiology majors.

Students enrolled in the General Major (BKin) have the option to complete a combined degree with the Haskayne School of Busines (BComm/BKin). Click here for the calendar description.

The Athletic Therapy Major (BKin) provides preparation for sports injury management and rehabilitation. Students will complete one year of professional courses at Mount Royal College.

The Biomechanics Major (BKin or BSc) focuses on the mechanics of human movement with an emphasis on biomedical and sports applications, through course work in Kinesiology, Mathematics, and Engineering.

The Exercise and Health Physiology Major (BKin or BSc) builds upon fundamental knowledge in human movement and functioning, focusing on the effects of lifestyle, exercise, and diet on the human body.

The Mind Sciences in Kinesiology Major (BKin or BSc) provides a comprehensive education in the areas of behavioural neurosciences, cognition and neuromotor control, and personality and social psychology.

The Leadership in Pedagogy and Coaching Major (BKin) combines the study of elementary and secondary school Physical Education.

Students enrolled in the Leadership in Pedagogy and Coaching Major - Pedagogy concentration only - have the option to complete a concurrent degree with the Faculty of Education (BEd/BKin). Click here for the calendar description.

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