University of Calgary

Degrees Offered

Course-Based Degree Programs:

Master of Kinesiology (MKin)

The MKin program is a course-based degree program designed to prepare students to be professional kinesiologists with advanced understanding of applied exercise physiology appropriate for work in chronic disease management, health and wellness and high performance sport.  Contact for more information.

Thesis-Based Degree Programs:

In the Faculty of Kinesiology the thesis-based Training Programs result in completion of a high quality research project with the intention of publishing the results. Graduate students also benefit from the regularly scheduled seminar programs, and special lectures.  In addition, there are multiple personal and professional activities that students, faculty and staff participate in. These include:  sports activities, social gatherings in conjunction with Visiting Scientist presentations, and special events, sometimes including trips to the nearby National Parks or cultural events in Calgary.

Thesis-based degrees offered in Kinesiology can be completed in the following academic disciplines.
Exercise & Health Physiology
Health & Exercise Psychology
Multi-Media Applications in Learning
Neuro-Motor Psychology & Motor Learning
Nutrition, Metabolism & Genetics
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Sport History
Sport and Exercise Psychology

Master of Science

A typical M.Sc. program is completed in two to three years of full-time study. Provisions are in place which allow students who enter the M.Sc. Program and make exceptional progress to move directly into the Doctoral Program. 

Doctor of Philosophy

In the Faculty of Kinesiology the thesis-based Training Programs are a main emphasis and the program is structured and evaluated to ensure high quality. Thesis-based degrees offered in Kinesiology can be completed in a number of different academic disciplines (e.g., Physiology, Biochemistry, Bioengineering) depending on the interests and training of the student, and on the expertise of the faculty member(s) who are the designated supervisors.

All thesis-based projects are expected to include current, rigorous research training and to result in new research findings and peer reviewed publications.  

The Kinesiology Graduate Program offers a number of regularly scheduled seminars in addition to specialized graduate courses. 

Increasingly, multidisciplinary research and training is emphasized and supported by ensuring flexibility in the Program, and encouraging co-mentorship/supervision as opposed to the more classical single supervisor approach. In addition there is now a significant commitment to, and investment in, visits from Program leaders through the recently established Dean’s Lectures.  

Kinesiology graduate students are encouraged to understand and attain international standards of accomplishment.  Most students present at national and international conferences before completing their thesis-based training. 

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