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Webdisk File Storage

This service is for: 
Students, Grad Students, Faculty & Staff

Webdisk is a remote file storage system that allows you to store your files on an IT server, making them easily accessible from any computer with an Internet connection. Webdisk files are automatically backed up every day, so they can be recovered if they are inadvertently deleted or changed. As an added bonus, Webdisk makes it easy to publish Web pages.

Webdisk users are strongly encouraged to switch to Secure FTP clients such as the SSH Secure Shell Client (download here).


Webdisk File Storage FAQs

Submitted by sdweir on Mon, 12/22/2014 - 3:55pm

How do I get a Webdisk account?

Anyone who registers for an IT Account automatically has access to Webdisk, and is eligible to download a copy of the Win SSH Client for Windows.

How do I access my webdisk?

Your Webdisk can be accessed by typing the following address into a web browser or by mapping this address to a network drive:


You must also specify your IT Account username and password in order to gain access. This is the same username and password you use to access your email.

 In some computer labs on campus you are automatically connected to your webdisk when you log on to the workstation.

How do I publish web pages using webdisk?

Your Webdisk automatically contains a folder called public_html, that by default has public read-only access enabled. Any web pages or files stored in that folder are thus available to the public.

Note: You may delete the public_html folder if you have no need for it.

Can I access webdisk from home?

Please download FortiClient Virtual Private Network (VPN) software to access Webdisk from home. FortiClient is available to download and install from the Software Distribution website.

Can I share my webdisk with other users?

Yes. You can set permissions for your Webdisk so that others can access some or all of your files using the IT Utility web page. Once logged in, select Webdisk sharing utility from the list below. Login using your IT Account username and password.

After successfully logging in, you will see a list of folders on the left, and a list of actions on the right. The following are the different types of access you can give others:

  • List Sub-Folders
  • U of C Read Privilege
  • Internet World Read Privilege
  • Edit Read Privileges
  • Edit Write Privileges
  • Remove Distinct Privilege Control

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Note: we are unable to reset your password via chat – reset online or by calling us at 403-220-5555.

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