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Mobile Device Management & Support (Mobility Services)

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Grad Students, Faculty & Staff

Mobility Services offers mobile device management and support for university owned mobile devices (e.g. work cell phone). 

Note: Rogers Communications Inc. is the University of Calgary's preferred supplier for mobility services.

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Mobility Services User Guides

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Ordering a new mobile device

Transitioning your plan to Rogers

Billing and change order requests

Travelling with a university mobile device

Travelling without a Travel Pack can get very expensive in a short period of time time. To help lower costs, Voice Services can add a number of national and international travel packs prior to your travel. The most popular travel packs are for voice roaming and text messages. Data packages can also be added if you plan to use data in the country you are visiting; however, we recommend using free Wifi hotspots whenever  possible. The standard roaming rates are listed below:

Voice Text Data Rate
(without domestic data plan) 
Data Rate
(with domestic data plan)
Data Rate
(flexible domestic data plan)
$1.45/min $0.75/message $10.24/MB $6/MB $3/MB

To order a Travel Pack, contact Information Technologies' Voice Services department at 403.220.5555).  For more information visit the  Travel Packs, Roaming Passes and Add-ons link accessible from the Rogers website.

Please update your eProcurement PO with the travel pack amount through your departmental administrator.

Technical support and warranty

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Note: we are unable to reset your password via chat – reset online or by calling us at 403-220-5555.

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