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This service is for: 
Students, Grad Students, Faculty & Staff

Your IT Account provides access to computing services on campus, including myUofC, Wi-Fi, email, computer labs, research services and PeopleSoft applications. 



IT Account FAQs

Submitted by sdweir on Thu, 12/18/2014 - 12:14pm

Who is eligible for an IT Account?

The university community members listed below are eligible for a personal IT Account. They must know their University of Calgary student ID or employee ID and self-register their account using the online Account Registration System.

  • Students enrolled in a degree program
  • Academic staff, including sessional instructors
  • Support & MaPS staff
  • Temporary Support & MaPS staff
  • Persons of Interest (POI’s)

Retirees and Emeritii may continue to use their existing IT Account. If they did not have an IT Account before retirement, they may self-register using the web-based Accounts Registration System. The system requires them to know their University of Calgary ID number and must have a personal email account (i.e. gmail, yahoo etc)

Other individuals, such as visiting scholars, may obtain a temporary guest IT Account by contacting the Support Desk in the Taylor Family Digital Library (TFDL) Info Commons. Government issued ID must be presented to obtain a guest account which is valid for up to 72 hours.

Recognized campus organizations may apply for a shared IT Account account by filling out both pages of the IT Account Application Form and then sending it to the IT Support Centre accompanied by a letter that specifies the reason for the account, the individual responsible for the account (this person must have a valid EmplID), a suggested name for the account (8 characters or less) and how long the account is needed.

How do I register for an IT Account?

Students, faculty and staff must self-register for a personal IT Account using the online Account Registration System.

Please note, you must also log in to the contact email address you provided to the university during your registration or recruiting process before beginning the registration process.  

A one-time Activation Code will be sent to the email address during the registration process and is required to complete the registration process. You must also AGREE to the terms of the Computing Services Agreement before you can continue with the registration process.

If you require additional help registering for a new IT Account, please review the documentation found under User Guides.

What is my IT username?

As part of the IT Account registration process, you will be assigned an IT Username. This, along with the password you will choose during the registration process, identifies you to all IT services. The following name convention applies to user accounts:

firstname.lastname (.e.g. john.doe)

All user accounts are limited to 20 characters. Where there are multiple occurrences of a full name the most senior account is named <firstname.lastname> with subsequent accounts prefixed with an increasing counter (e.g. john.doe2, john.doe3 etc.)

Full names that exceed 20 characters are truncated to 20 characters by default (e.g. William Double Decker Bus would become william.doubledecker)

The IT username is not the same thing as your eID. The latter is used for limited systems access prior to admission or employment. An eID must be linked with the student ID number or employee ID (EmplID) once the ID number has been issued by Enrolment Services or Human Resources.

Instructions for how to link your IDs can be found here 

How do I change my password? What if I forget it?

  • To reset your password, use the online Password Management utility. It will ask for your UCID and your IT Account.
  • If you forget your password (or your username), you can recover it online by visiting the same Password Management web utility. 
  • For further password recovery assistance, feel free to contact the IT Support Centre.

Note: Password resets cannot be requested via email, and IT staff cannot tell you what your password is. They can only change it to a new, randomly selected password. It is a good idea to immediately change the new password to something you have chosen yourself.

What are the policies governing IT Accounts?

When you register for an IT Account, you agree to abide by the University Computing Policy Service Agreement.

This agreement states that you will use university resources for only academic or university business purposes, and that you will not use the email system in any way that harms the university or anyone else. The agreement also prohibits sharing your IT Account information with others.

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Note: we are unable to reset your password via chat – reset online or by calling us at 403-220-5555.

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