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This service is for: 
Grad Students, Faculty & Staff

Deskside Services offers purchasing and technical support for desktops, laptops and peripherals used by University of Calgary employees for work-related purposes.

This service includes: purchasing advice; order processing and billing; delivery and installation; file storage; hardware and software support; upgrades repairs and maintenance; standard productivity software suite; and temporary replacement of equipment when existing devices cannot be fixed on-site. All computers managed through IT are subject to policies to protect data, ensure usability, and save power.  

Please note, Deskside Services does not include moving and setting-up client computers in the event of an office/desk relocation.

To submit a request to Deskside Services, fill out the Service Request Form.


How IT Manages Desktops FAQ

Submitted by ebsharpe on Tue, 06/21/2016 - 5:44pm

What will be different if my computer is managed?

A managed computer is a desktop or laptop that IT can perform some automatic actions on, for your security and convenience.  These actions include managing your power settings and Windows updates, updating your software, managing and scaning your computer for viruses, and rebooting your computer on a weekly basis. Many of these activities happen in a maintenance window, a controlled window of time. 

A managed computer is able to access secure parts of the IT services, like file shares or network drives, if they are on a secure network. 

If my computer is managed, is IT looking at all my files?

IT personnel will not be accessing your machine for the purposes of using, disclosing or modifying personal or confidential information, but simply for the purpose of ensuring that the university's network remains secure and free of viruses, malware, etc. Most actions taken on managed computers are done automatically through an interface that never directly accesses your desktop (like a remote session with the IT Support Centre does). Having a managed computers does not mean that your computer's contents are exposed to a person.

IT personnel take oaths of confidentiality, and sign confidentially agreements. We will not use, disclose or modify any personal or confidential information on your machine.

Can tablets or phones be managed devices?

At this time only computers, (Mac or Windows) are being managed by IT. All other devices are considered unmanaged. However some of these devices may be eligible for Admin VPN (AVPN) access. 

What is my maintenance window and when is it?

A maintenance window is a defined period of time when updates for your Windows operating system are installed, applications are updated, and your computer is rebooted (if required.) This window typically beings Thursday night at 10:00pm (MST) unless you work in IT. IT staff have a maintenance window on Wednesday night at 10:00pm so there is no overlap between these two windows of time. 

Does my computer need to be turned on during the maintenance window?

For IT to be able to do tasks during the maintenance window, your computer needs to be turned on, or in sleep mode and plugged in. We are able to wake up a sleeping computer to do the maintenance window. If your computer is off or hibernating, it will not wake up for the maintenance window. 

We do not wake laptops that are not plugged in to ensure we do not use your battery life. If your laptop is on battery during the maintenance window, it will not wake up to preserve it for your use. 

What happens if my computer is never turned on/in sleep mode during maintenance windows?

Once your computer gets too far behind on updates, we will start applying updates and forcing you to reboot at any point when your computer is on. This is not ideal, and we highly recommend that your computer be available for maintenance windows.

Can I manually install updates?

Yes, if you have enough privileges on your computer to install/update software on your computer. You will need to open the program Software Centre, and check off the updates you wish to install in the Available Software tab. 

Why can't my Windows XP computer be managed by IT?

Windows XP is not a supported operating system, which means that it is not receiving regular updates from Microsoft. This leaves it vulnerable to attack and cannot be made secure until the operating system is upgraded to a more current version (if the computer has the capability to run a newer operating system.) 

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