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2015 Network Upgrade and Wireless Project

Submitted by sdweir on Fri, 09/05/2014 - 1:31pm


The campus core network upgrade will allow for significant improvements in reliability, adoption of a much improved security model and will ensure the core network is able to manage larger increases in bandwidth.

Targeted upgrades to local building networks will enable individual campus users to take advantage of improved throughput, reliability and security provided through the core upgrades.

An important piece of the network upgrade project is an upgrade to existing Wireless Access Points (WAPs) and the installation of additional access points in all buildings across the university campuses. This will result in increased wireless coverage and reliability.

Finally, a new AirUC-Guest Wi-Fi network and guest access portal will be launched in early August, enabling wireless access for visitors to the University of Calgary.

Network Upgrade Features

The University of Calgary’s wireless network is one of largest and most complex in Alberta, covering what is in effect a small city and four distinct campuses. Making changes to the system is challenging and costly, but in a world where wireless signal can be essential to support research, teaching and learning, it’s an investment that pays off.

Starting in April, Network Engineering will launch the next phase of the Program, focusing on wireless network upgrades throughout all university buildings.

Important features to this phase include:

• Increased wireless coverage and reliability
• New guest access Wi-Fi sign-on portal
• Comprehensive onboarding solution for Wi-Fi configuration

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