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iCIS Seminar - Access Management and Graph Databases

Date & Time:
September 16, 2016 | 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
ICT 616
Dr. Hadi Ahmadi

Access Management is concerned with authenticating users and determining whether they have permission to access requested resources. Core to any Access Management platform is the design and implementation of access control policies. In this talk, we will discuss about graph databases and their advantages to the Access Management world and illustrate a few interesting application scenarios that show how to solve custom and complicated access control policies taking advantage of this concept, by integrating ForgeRock(TM) Identity Platform and Neo4j(TM) Graph Database.

Dr. Hadi Ahmadi is an identity management specialist at Nulli Secundus Inc, Calgary, and has been involved in the theory and the practice of computer security and privacy since 2003. Hadi received his PhD in Computer Science (University of Calgary – 2012) and continued research as a post-doctoral fellow on telecommunication security. He joined Nulli in 2014 and has since been passionate about challenging security models presented by the design and deployment of identity and access management solutions. During his research life, Hadi has published several papers in prestigious conferences and journals, and has presented a numerous courses, workshops, and scientific lectures.