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Panel on the Internet of Things

Date & Time:
March 15, 2017 | 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Red and White Club, McMahon Stadium, 1817 Crowchild Trail NW
Various, including ISPIA director, Dr. Rei Safavi-Naini

Schulich School of Engineering presents their Distinguished Speakers Panel 2017, featuring ISPIA's director, Dr. Rei Safavi-Naini:

Smartphones interact with home security systems, personal fitness trackers and cars thanks to something called the Internet of Things.

This complex web of data collection and sharing should make our lives easier.

But will it?

•    Can technology improve our health, end traffic jams or optimize oil field construction and operations?
•    What happens to privacy when our every action and step is tracked?
•    Who protects us from hackers using our own devices against us?

Steve Liang, Associate Professor, Schulich School of Engineering, Founder and CEO,
SensorUp Inc.

Gandeephan Ganeshalingam, Chief Innovation Officer, GE Canada

Dr. Richard Hu , Clinical Professor of Surgery, University of Calgary, Founder and CEO, Vivametrica

Rei Safavi-Naini, AITF Strategic Chair in Information Security and Director of Institute for Security, Privacy and Information Assurance, University of Calgary

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