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Modern Malware and the Evolving Threat Landscape

Date & Time:
April 26, 2012 | 11:30 am
Fifth Avenue Place SW; West Tower, +15 Conference Room in NW corner of building (the 4 Ave and 2 Street SW corner of the building)
Josh McCarthy, Systems Engineering Manager, FireEye

Please arrive early enough (11:30) to get lunch and be seated by 11:45. We finish at 13:00.

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NOTE: ISPIA members may attend for free, but should register if they plan to do so.


Threat evolution from malware shows a continuing strong trend from disruptive to criminal, featuring commercial quality cybercrime toolkits for the attacker. Modern advanced malware has an infection lifecycle. It’s no longer the case that an exploit of a system leads to just one infection. The attacker’s goal is long term control over the system – owning the system. Once a system is exploited, a multi-stage infection cycle begins in which dozens of malware infections are installed. Multiple infections help to ensure enduring control by the cyber criminal. To effectively stop the infection a solution must address the entire lifecycle – initial exploitation, subsequent downloads, and ongoing malware outbound callbacks. Josh McCarthy will discuss the evolving threats from the latest malware.


For the last five years, Josh McCarthy has served in technical account management, security administration, and malware research roles at FireEye and is currently the Western Region’s Systems Engineering Manager. He has played an active role in assisting Fortune 100 companies and law enforcement agencies with malware research, assistance with breaches, and coordinated botnet takedowns.