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SPIE Presentation - Industrial Cyber Security: Perspectives From The Top Floor & The Shop Floor

Date & Time:
November 24, 2016 | 11:30 am - 12:30 pm
Sun Life Plaza Conference Centre, +15 140 - 4th Avenue SW (Adjacent to the food court)
Rebekah Mohr and Tyler Williams

Cyber risk management for industrial organizations is a complex and challenging topic to discuss, a daunting story to tell and sell, and it's an even more difficult thing to actually do - or at least do well. At the root of this complexity are a few critical variables/levers that some companies however have learned how to manage effectively - mostly the hard way - and there are lessons in these experiences that can help other organizations make the journey of managing cyber risk less challenging, and expensive - and in doing so can also help the whole industry mature and improve our collective capability to address evolving cyber threats to our global critical infrastructures.

Join Tyler Williams, former CEO of Wurldtech ( a GE Company ) and group head of industrial cyber security at Shell and Rebekah Mohr, former refinery cyber security lead at Shell and now cyber security Manager at Accenture, as they share how they successfully drove practical cyber security risk awareness, adoption, investment and organizational change at the leadership levels in both IT and Operations and how you can define, deploy and mature practical and sustainable cyber risk management practices and technologies solutions in the field at your organization.

This session is designed to be informative, but will also be interactive, so please be ready to get engaged, to challenge, to debate and ask lots of questions.

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About the speakers
Rebekah Mohr is an Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Security Specialist.  She currently works as a Security Manager with Accenture, providing consulting services such as defining a company-wide ICS Security Strategy, conducting ICS Security gap assessment workshops, and providing materials and tools to close ICS Security gaps, complete ICS Security Remediation Programs and conduct ICS Security Run & Maintain Assurance. She began her career after obtaining a BSc from McGill in Math, Statistics and Computer Science and an MSc in Statistics from UBC.  After graduation, she was hired as an ICS Security Site Focal Point, responsible for ICS Security at an Upgrader.  Rebekah was later promoted to Shell’s global ICS Security Team as a Regional Technical Expert for the Americas.  Within this role, Rebekah developed a Risk Model, which was the first of its kind in the industry, and designed a global ICS Security Remediation Program.

Rebekah has been awarded with a Young Women in Energy and SANS “People who Made a Difference in Cyber Security” Award. Rebekah is driven to contribute as a thought leader within the ICS Security space and to make a difference for the next generation of women in the technical workforce. Outside of work, Rebekah can be found playing with her dog, reading true crime, or playing locked rooms and board games.

Tyler Williams is a recognized pioneer in the domain of industrial cyber security and critical digital infrastructure protection - an emerging industry and a new topic to many cyber security professionals today. In 2006, he co-founded Wurldtech Security Technologies, a boutique consulting services firm focusing on the complex problem of managing cyber risk in real-time, industrial process networks, and which provided products and services to many of the world's largest industrial organizations for almost a decade before it was acquired by GE.

After Wurldtech, Tyler joined Shell as the Group Head of Industrial Cyber Security and helped to establish a global industrial cyber security practice and change agenda for the world's 5th largest company. For the past 4 years, Tyler and his team, defined, developed, implemented and sustained a hybrid ( Engineering and IT ) and multi-faceted ( supply-chain, projects and operating facilities ) cyber risk management discipline now operating at over 100 facilities around the world.

Currently, Tyler holds the role of Global Technology Lead at Shell and has shifted his focus to the future - driving an effort to steward the substantial digital transformation currently re-shaping the entire energy industry in order to ensure current cyber risk management investments are sustainable and effective against rapidly changing technology trends and evolving cyber threats.