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The Integrated Arts Media Labs are a dedicated digital arts education and creation environment specifically for students majoring in Art, Music, Drama and Dance. The Labs consist of two facilities:

  • the Main Lab (a.k.a. IAML) in AB 659
  • the Small Lab in AB 605


Each lab station is equipped with a Mac computer (Mac Pro, Mac mini, or iMac), an 88-key MIDI keyboard and a 24"–27" colour-calibrated display. The Main Lab has 20 stations while the Small Lab has 10.

Other hardware available includes large- and medium-format colour inkjet printers, flatbed and film scanners, digital audio recorders, digital video camcorders, drawing tablets and DVD/CD burners. See the Services portion of the web site for more details.


We offer a full range of creative production and educational software, including video editing (e.g., Final Cut Pro), 2D graphics (e.g., Photoshop, Illustrator), 3D modelling & animation (e.g., Cinema 4D), motion graphics and animation (e.g., Motion, iStopMotion), CAD (e.g., Vectorworks), music/audio sequencing (e.g., Logic Pro, GarageBand), music notation (e.g., NoteAbility Pro, Finale), and interaction design & authoring (e.g., Max).

These labs are adminstered by professional and student staff in the Fine Arts disciplines. The Labs provide a number of additional services. To find out more details about accessing our labs, click on the Lab Access submenu at left.