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Busy Times: Service Hours and Other Tips [updated]

This Fall is the busiest in the Lab's history for class bookings. Take heed of the class schedule posted outside each Lab (or check it right on this web site) and plan your visits accordingly.

We've extended our service hours until 16:30 Tuesdays and are trying to cover as many lunch hours as possible (excluding Friday) to help provide Lab services in spite of the heavy course load this term. (We will be closed on Thanksgiving Monday, October 12.)

If you need to return equipment during a class, you can call the phone number on the Do Not Enter sign to get instructions (403-220-4369) — do not ignore the sign and just enter (yes, we are surprised we have to say this).

Note that two of the stations in the hallway (numbered 22 and 23) have a subset of the current software we have in the Labs, including Photoshop CC2015, Office 2011, Audacity, and GarageBand. All three of the stations there have the ability to connect to the Server (via the Connect scripts in the Dock) in case you have to hand in an assignment, for example.

Printing Prices: Increasing and Holding the Line

You are University-educated. We are not going to use Orwellian words like "price adjustment" when we mean "increase." We are going to tell it like it is with regards to Photographic Printing prices for this academic year.

You may have noticed that the Canadian Dollar has dropped dramatically in value in comparison to the U.S. Dollar in the past year. Last year at this time, the Dollar was worth 92¢ US; today, it's worth 77¢ US. So, in theory, we should be increasing prices about 20% to make up the difference.

Because we do have some inventory of ink and media, we can hold the line on pricing on all of our sheet printing, as well as roll printing on glossy, lustre, and the cheapest matte paper. We have also held the line on ink pricing and the setup charge for roll jobs. That's the good news. Pricing on canvas, transparency, and premium matte roll media has increased, as follows:

Media Price
Transparency Film 24" (60 cm) roll 18¢ per linear cm (was 15¢)
Somerset Velvet for Epson 24" (60 cm) roll 18¢ per linear cm (was 15¢)
Satin Canvas (Museum Grade) 24" (1.1 m) roll 24¢ per linear cm (was 20¢)
Satin Canvas (Museum Grade) 44" (1.1 m) roll 44¢ per linear cm (was 35¢)
Somerset Museum Rag 24" (60 cm) roll 24¢ per linear cm (was 20¢ as an introductory price)

Full pricing is available on our web site at

Scheduled Lab Service Closures

To accommodate staff vacation and other times when staff will be out of the office, Lab Services will be unavailable and the Main Lab doors will be closed as follows (subject to change):

  • Monday, August 3 (Heritage Day)
  • Week of August 24
  • Week of August 31 (reserved for technical work; may be open)
  • Monday, September 7 (Labour Day)
  • If you have card access, you will still be able to access the Lab during those times (except for the week of August 31).


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