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Files to be Deleted Dec. 22

Save your files before they're trashed

All files stored on the IAML file server will be deleted on or after Monday, December 22. As well, any files you left on the local hard drive of the Macs in either Lab may also be deleted. Please make copies of your files before that time.

If you received card access to the Lab(s) due to a class you were taking and you are not a degree student in Art, Music, Drama, or Dance, your card will continue to work until the morning of Dec. 22, so you will have suitable access in order to retrieve your files.

End of Term Service Hours

More Hours

All extended service hours have concluded for the Term. Regular service hours will continue through Friday, Dec. 12. No services will be available after that date, although the Main Lab will still be accessible by card access for degree student in Art, Music, Drama and Dance.

NoteAbilityPro Help

NoteAbilityPro users may have noticed that when they go to look for help under the Help menu, they have two choices: Web Browser Help and NoteAbilityPro Help.

Use Web Browser Help

Currently, the NoteAbilityPro Help command tries to open the help file using Max (rather than Apple’s own help system). Until we can fix this problem on all systems, use the Web Browser Help menu choice (see picture) to access the help. The content is identical; it just shows up in the Safari web browser instead of the floating Apple Help window.


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