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Limited Summer Services [updated]

No Services much of Summer

There will be limited availability of services during the Summer Term, as follows:

  • No services on Heritage Day, Monday, August 4.
  • No services from 16:00 on Friday, August 15 until
    09:00 on Tuesday, September 2.

If you have card access, you will still be able to access the computers and software during these periods, but printing and equipment loan services, for example, will not be available.

Finally, all computers will be erased in preparation for Fall classes, most likely during the first week of September. There will be closures related to this work, which will be announced at the time. We will try to keep the down time to a minimum.

MS Program Exchange Account Migration

If you are (all of the following):

  • a Faculty or Staff member,
  • using Apple Mail on your Mac, and
  • informed that you are going through the MS Program account migration,

you may need some extra help in getting your Mac configured. Read on!

Files Subject to Deletion Through May 20

It's taking a little longer than we had anticipated to get our new software installed in the Labs, so the File Deletion period has been extended to May 20. That is, any and all stations in the Labs may have the files on them deleted at any time and without notice. You are welcome to work in the Labs when the computers are not being serviced, but you should save your work to external drives such as USB sticks to preserve your data.


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