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End of Term Service Hours

More Hours

We are offering extra service hours over the next few days in order to support users with their end-of-term services needs. The days with extra hours are as follows:

  • Thurs., Nov. 27 — 09:00-17:00
  • Sat., Nov. 29 — 13:00-17:00
  • Sun., Nov. 30 — 13:00-17:00

Regular service hours will continue through Friday, Dec. 12. No services will be available after that date, although the Main Lab will still be accessible by card access for degree student in Art, Music, Drama and Dance.

NoteAbilityPro Help

NoteAbilityPro users may have noticed that when they go to look for help under the Help menu, they have two choices: Web Browser Help and NoteAbilityPro Help.

Use Web Browser Help

Currently, the NoteAbilityPro Help command tries to open the help file using Max (rather than Apple’s own help system). Until we can fix this problem on all systems, use the Web Browser Help menu choice (see picture) to access the help. The content is identical; it just shows up in the Safari web browser instead of the floating Apple Help window.

Hallway Stations — Concerns


We have been providing stations in the hallway outside of the Main Lab so that you have somewhere to do basic work (if you don’t own a laptop) when the Main Lab is closed due to classes. Earlier this year, we also added some additional software when legally possible (e.g., Photoshop, Amadeus Pro) because the old computers in the hall were more capable than the previous models.

Recently, we have noticed a pattern where users have been using the hallway as an area for (loud) socializing or even gaming. Those users have also been blocking other users by using the computer desks but not the provided computers themselves. Finally, we have been finding our equipment unplugged (usually because someone wanted to plug in their laptop), making our computers unavailable even after such people leave, as subsequent users often think the computers aren’t working.

We are considering removing the computers and desks should such abuses continue. Please be considerate so that this resource remains available for its intended purpose.


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