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"Free" Printing Ends April 30

All good things must come to an end. So it is with the amount of laser printing we have been providing to Art, Music, Drama and Dance majors at no charge. We have a great new laser printer that can print in colour and on tabloid-sized paper but it costs substantially more to operate than the 13-year-old models we had been using. Therefore, we will start charging for all laser printing once exam period is over this term.

Pricing is subject to change as we learn the true costs of operating the printer, but it should be in line with other laser printing on campus (full-page images and posters would be the exception due to the quality of the printer's colour output).

Mega RAM

We've just upgraded nine computers in the Main Lab to 16 GB of RAM! For those doing video editing, working in Photoshop, or doing heavy duty audio work, this should keep your work from bogging down. The signs on the displays tell you how much RAM is in each computer; over half the machines now have 16 GB, with the rest still having a respectable 8 GB.

Laser Printing Bonanza! [updated]


You may have noticed two changes in our laser printing services this week. First, we are making laser printing available outside of normal business hours using the black & white laser printer. This will be the case until the end of classes. It's our annual way of giving you access to printing when you need it most. Please use this service responsibly.

Secondly, we have been able to purchase a new colour laser printer that will print both letter and tabloid jobs (it will be our only printer in the future). You will find that this 1200 dpi printer produces great quality output at a much faster speed, but it will also cost us much more to operate. Our new laser printing policy is now posted, but since many people still think colour printing is "free", the new colour printer will remain off unless you specifically request that it be turned on and you have the money to pay for your prints.

A reminder that duplicating posters is no longer permitted due to recent abuses which caused us increased costs.


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