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Salary Anomaly Review Process

Submitted by ipthomps on Wed, 09/12/2012 - 2:33pm


An academic staff member may receive a salary increase to address a salary anomaly, relative to colleagues in the same department or other appropriate academic unit, that can be demonstrated to have been present at the time of hire. A salary anomaly is not to be confused with a market supplement. [CA 15]

The Salary Anomalies Advisory Committee evaluates applications based on the following comparators:

  • candidate's highest degree earned
  • academic and other experience
  • record of scholarly activity and
  • rank AT TIME OF HIRE

Comparators will be reviewed AS OF THE SAME DATE OF HIRE.

Note: Academic Staff who wish to bring forward a case to the Salary Anomalies Advisory Committee (SAAC), as per the Collective Agreement Section 15.4, are encouraged to discuss perceived anomalies with their Dean prior to submitting the application, as salary adjustments are normally recommended to the Provost & Vice-President (Academic) by the Dean, on advice from the Head (if applicable).

Key Collective Agreement (CA) References to Salary Anomalies

  • CA Article 15.2 – Salary Anomaly Consideration Criteria

Salary Anomaly Review References

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