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Research & Scholarship Leaves

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The primary purpose of granting a research and scholarship leave is to enhance the quality of the Academic Staff member as a scholar and as a teacher, thereby assisting the University to achieve greater excellence in its basic areas of responsibility, effective teaching, and the advancement of learning.

A research and scholarship leave will be granted only when the leave is determined to be of mutual benefit to the Academic staff member and the University. The benefit shall be judged in terms of any combination of research, scholarly work and teaching.

Research and Scholarship leaves are earned through the accumulation of years of service. A staff member may make an application for an RSL in accordance with the following schedule:

CA Article 16.3 – Research and Scholarship Leave Qualifying Service

Qualifying Service Length Leave Maximum Assistance During R&SL Period Based on
3 years 6 months 80% of staff member's academic rank salary
6 Years 12 months 80% of staff member's academic rank salary
6 years 6 months 100% of staff member's academic rank salary

All Research & Scholarship leaves are subject to approval by the Dean and are not a direct entitlement for academic staff members.

Those staff members who have held an administrative appointment (example Department Head, Associate Dean, Dean) of not less than five consecutive years shall be eligible for a 12-month administrative leave at 100% salary.

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Particular attention is directed to the following:

      • if your leave will involve an absence from campus of more than 30 days and you have graduate program and/or contract research commitments, you must make satisfactory arrangements to carry on this work during your absence – failure to do so may result in your leave being cancelled [16.10.1 – 16.10.2]

      • you must return and render regular, full-time service to the University equal to the number of months comprising the Research & Scholarship Leave, or reimburse the University for the amount of assistance received during the leave period [16.20(a)]

      • within three months of completion of the Research & Scholarship Leave, you are required to submit a written report to your Dean (and Head if applicable) which provides an outline of your activities during the leave period [16.20(b)]

      • all Research & Scholarship Leave applications must be approved by the Dean of your faculty