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Hiring Postdoc Appointments

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Postdoctoral Scholar Appointment Type

Click HERE to see the Postdoctoral Scholar appointment type summary.

Contact the Postdoctoral office if you have questions about Postdoc appointments.

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Initiating the Hire

Click on each of the steps below for further details on how to hire a Postdoc Researcher.

Recruiting postdoctoral scholars is the responsibility of the individual faculty member or research group. Before recruiting a postdoctoral fellow, the faculty member who will be providing the training needs to ensure that:

  • Sufficient financial support for the PDF is available for the duration of the position. For information on external fellowship opportunities click here.
  • There is appropriate research/office space and resources available to complete the training
  • The prospective PDF fits within the definition of a PDF as outlined in the University of Calgary postdoctoral policy. Individuals can only be appointed as postdoctoral scholars to the end of their 5th year post-PhD (10 years of post-completion of an MD, DDS, DVM or equivalent)
  • The prospective PDF provides the following documentation:
    • Official documents indicating that s/he has (or will have) completed all the requirements for a doctoral degree from a recognized university
    • CV
    • Letters of recommendation.

Advertising a Position

If you wish, you may post your postdoctoral position on the Postdoctoral Career Opportunities website by emailing the ad to the postdoctoral administrator at Each posting will remain on the Postdoctoral Career Opportunities website for six months or until notice is received that the position has been filled.

Many societies provide placement services on their web sites or at their annual meetings. These meetings can be effective recruiting tools, particularly when prospective candidates and supervisors can meet.

Negotiating a Verbal Offer

Once you've selected a candidate for a Postdoc position you will first negotiate a verbal offer in preparation for producing a formal offer letter. Prior to negotiating a verbal offer consult the Verbal Offer Checklist. This checklist was designed to help guide your verbal negotiation and to ensure the offer your are making meets both university and funding agency rules and guidelines.

Now that you have negotiated a verbal offer with a prospective Postdoctoral candidate you can

  1. Send your prospective Postdoc an email that:
      • outlines details of the offer, including a short blurb on the research they will be doing and indicating a start and end date of their initial appointment; and
      • Includes a link to the Personal Information Request form requesting that the Postdoc to complete and submit the form in order to prepare a formal letter of offer.
  2. Send the Postdoctoral Administrator a Request for Postdoc Offer Letter form. This web form will automatically route to the Postdoc Administrator as well as to Compliance and eligibility where a funding check on all research project will be completed. Please note - If the complete source of funding for the appointment is not available an approved Authorized Over-Expenditure Form must accompany the offer letter request.
  3. Once the Postdoc Administrator has received this Request for Hire form and the Personal Information Request form from the candidate, they will prepare and send you a DRAFT letter of offer.
  4. Review TEMPLATE offer letter, update the offer with applicable appointment details, add letterhead, and sign the FINAL version of the offer.
  5. Submit a FINAL offer letter to the Postdoc Administrator at once you have reviewed the DRAFT offer and made all final edits.
  6. The Postdoc Administrator will review the FINAL offer and send it to the prospective PostDoc on your behalf. You will be copied on all correspondence with the prospective candidate and the Final Offer will be saved by the Postdoc Administrator.

Once the offer has been accepted the Postdoc Administrator will process the hire paperwork via the Template-Based Hire form in Human Resources PeopleSoft. The online TBH form will automatically flow to all applicable approvers. Once all approvals are received, the hire is processed by Human Resources and an automatic hire notification is sent to the Postdoc's reporting manager.

For international hires, TBH forms will be submitted prior to receipt of work permit and Social Insurance Number (SIN). Those hires will be pre-approved and sitting in a ready to process status. Once the immigration documentation is received the job will be processed immediately.

Once the Postdoc job has been hired in the system, the Postdoc Administrator will initiate onboarding activities, including notifying the Postdoc, the PI, and the faculty or department onboarding coordinator that the hire has been processed and directing them to initiate their onboarding checklists. These checklists can be used to ensure that your new Postdoc is given an IT account, a university email address, and is set up in other systems required to support their research work, including IRISS registration, and enrolment in any required training.

Onboarding Checklists

  • Postdoc Onboarding Checklist – This checklist directs the new Postdoc on applying for IT account access, enrolling in IRISS for ethics approval, and completing enrolment forms for Plan C benefits.

  • Faculty/Department Onboarding Coordinator Checklist – Postdoc Scholar – This checklist directs the departmental onboarding coordinator in all those activities that have to happen at the departmental level including, setting up work space, getting a university ID Card, and ensuring Postdoc is given access to labs and other research space.

  • Supervisor (PI) Checklist for a Postdoctoral Scholar – This Checklist direct the Principal Investigator on those activities that they are responsible for including, organizing the new Postdocs first day, making introductions, and arranging access required to begin research activities on day one.

CLICK HERE to view Hiring at a Glance Process for Postdoc Hires.