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Annual Performance Review and Merit

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Every Continuing, Contingent Term and Limited Term academic appointee is required to regularly submit a report of their Teaching, Research and Service activities. A well-defined, comprehensive Academic Performance Report (APR) is an important tool to support Heads, Deans, and assessment committees in making merit increment and promotion recommendations. Standardized performance reports are submitted through the University’s APR system, with the exception of the Faculty of Medicine which is currently piloting a new Academic Performance system call the Academic Report Online (ARO).

Head or Head Equivalents provide written comments to the individuals regarding their performance by September 15. This narrative assessment may be appealed to the Faculty Promotions Committee (FPC) in October. If there is no appeal, the Head's comments will be placed in the member's personnel file without review by FPC, the Dean, or General Promotions Committee (GPC).

Tenured members are required to submit an Academic Performance Report every two years. The deadline for submission of reports is set by each Faculty, no later than September 1 of the year in which it is due. The year that an APR is not required (the “interim or off year”), the academic receives the same merit increase as the year before, with the exception of zero increments.


In the "full year" (every 2nd year) all academic staff are required to submit APRS’s, and the Head/Head Equivalent’s recommends a merit increment to the Dean, who forwards the recommendation to the Faculty Promotions Committee (FPC). This committee reviews all assigned merit increments, and forwards a final recommendation for merit for each academic to the Dean.


In the Interim or Off Year, Tenured members are not required to submit an Academic Performance Report (APR). The academic receives the same merit increase as the year before, with the exception of zero increments.

Non-tenured members are required to submit an APR annually, and to meet with the Department Head (or equivalent) to discuss the report and their career progress. The review will include sign-off of written evaluative comments, but no change to increment award from the previous year.

See Criteria for Assessment for more information.

Online Academic Document Management

The Online Academic Document Management system (OADM) is a secure and flexible online document sharing system developed to streamline academic processes.

Key Collective Agreement (CA) or APT References to APR

  • CA 14.3 – Merit Increments

  • APT - Failure to submit a biennial report shall normally result in a zero increment award for unsatisfactory performance.

  • APT - Any Continuing, Contingent Term or Limited Term academic appointee who receives a zero increment for unsatisfactory performance shall be formally assessed the following year.

  • APT 7:3:1 - Two zero increments in succession may be grounds for dismissal for good and sufficient reason.

Deadlines and Timelines

APR References

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