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Performance Management - MaPS Employees

Submitted by paryan on Mon, 09/28/2015 - 1:37pm

Submitted by paryan on Mon, 09/28/2015 - 1:44pm

Performance Management provides managers and employees the opportunity to enhance employee engagement, drive innovation, achieve of the goals of the team, and advance the performance culture that is necessary to attain the Eyes High Strategy.

Performance Management for Management & Professional Staff

  • Start here: Review this 1-Page Overview to learn more about how the process is reflected in the PeopleSoft System
  • PeopleSoft Help: Please refer to our new, streamlined, reference guides

    • With the launch of PeopleSoft 9.2 in June 2016, a number of improvements came to MaPS Performance Management. Learn more by watching this video (~5 Minutes) or by reviewing the reference guide

My Role as an Employee

  • Actively participate in setting goals that reflect the needs of your team and department, as well as your own professional development and career aspirations

  • Communicate openly and often about your progress through regular check-ins with your manager

  • Raise any concerns with your manager about achieving expectations

  • Document within your PeopleSoft performance document

  • Prepare for your annual review conversation by reviewing accomplishments, opportunities for development, and considering a plan for next steps

Goal Setting

Goals outline your individual objectives for the year and should be aligned with your team and faculty/unit goals. Please work with your manager on aligning your own performance goals with the goals of your team, as well as faculty/unit goals. Knowing and understanding team and faculty/unit goals will make it easier to draw connections between your own goals and the university’s Eyes High strategy.

Setting goals is an iterative process. If the goals for your team and faculty/unit have not yet been finalized for the current year, get started by setting individual goals based on your current work, projects that have been assigned to you, and professional development you wish to undertake. Once your team and faculty/unit goals have been finalized, return to your goals to make additions or changes as needed.

Resources to help with goal-setting

Ongoing Check-ins

Throughout the year, your manager may schedule check-in conversations with you. You may also take the initiative to schedule check-ins as well. Often 30 minutes or less is sufficient for a check-in. We recommend bi-weekly (or at least quarterly) check-ins; work with your manager to determine the frequency that suits the needs of your area.

The intent of these informal meetings is to have an informal discussion that focuses on your progress towards goal completion and successes to date, any challenges encountered and support needed to overcome them, as well as any necessary revisions to your goals for the year.

After the discussion, update or revise goals as needed in the Performance Management PeopleSoft module and capture your comments within Performance Notes or the Check-Ins tab.

360 Development Process

The 360 is a type of assessment which allows individuals to solicit constructive feedback from the people they work with for developmental purposes. Learn more >>>

Assessment and Year End Review

Starting in February, you and your manager will conduct an annual review to summarize your performance over the last 12 months. This involves  a one-on-one meeting, as well as an online assessment within PeopleSoft.

Performance Review Privacy Statement

This information is collected under the authority of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP). It is used for the purpose of evaluating your job performance. You will be provided with a statistical analysis of the feedback data as well as a summary of the comments. You may have access to the raw data if it is requested under FOIP. However, any comments that might reveal the identity of the writer would not be included. If you have any questions about the collection or use of the information, contact Human Resources at 220-5932 or email