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University Core Competencies

Submitted by cschasny on Wed, 05/18/2016 - 12:03pm

The core competencies reflect the values of the University community, and define the skills, knowledge, learning, and behaviours which are critical to achieving the University's Eyes High Strategic Goals.

Ability to share information in an effective and collaborative manner.

Ability to be creative, challenge and demonstrate initiative to generate improvements and foster positive outcomes.

Ability to function effectively in team situations both within and across departments and other organizations to achieve optimal collective results.

Knowledge and Technical Skills
Ability to demonstrate proficiency in technical and job knowledge aspects of the position to achieve a high level of performance. An ability and a desire to learn.

Personal Effectiveness
Ability to demonstrate respect, dignity and integrity in interpersonal relationships and to demonstrate positive personal coping and wellness strategies.

University Understanding
Ability to demonstrate effectiveness within the University environment and demonstrate an understanding of the University context.

Ability to achieve positive outcomes by encouraging, supporting, coaching, developing and mentoring others.

Ability to adapt and respond to the changing environment and to constructively create opportunities for change through active participation.

PLEASE NOTE: These are not the same competencies assessed for performance managment.
To view the Management and Professional Staff leadership competencies used for Performance Management purposes CLICK HERE.