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Program Overview

The MaPS Flexible Work Arrangement Program considers the University's commitment to excellence and a changing workplace that requires more flexibility and collaboration. This program provides managers and staff with the tools to implement Flexible Work Arrangements that ensures operational, employee, and managerial responsibilities are met while promoting a balance between work and personal commitments. There are a variety of formal and informal arrangements available for eligible MaPS  (including Research MaPS).

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Informal Flexible Work Arrangements

An informal arrangement involves situational short-term changes in work hours or location. Informal work arrangements do not involve an application process and managers can make informal work decisions on an ad-hoc basis. Arrangements can be discontinued without notice.

As with all flexible options, informal work arrangements depend on clear performance expectations and strong communication between management and staff. Informal flexible work arrangements may include:

  • temporarily working outside of normal scheduled hours to meet business or personal situational needs;
  • occasionally working from home or outside of normal work location; and/ or
  • working additional hours and/or taking additional time off in lieu of unpredictable extended-hours.

Formal Flexible Work Arrangements

A formal arrangement occurs when a staff member and a manager agree to implement a flexible option that is scheduled and more permanent in nature. A formal arrangement may involve approval processes with formal application and enrolment timelines and may include schedule changes that can have potential impact on a staff member's compensation and benefits.

Click HERE for an overview of the formal flexible work arrangements, including detailed Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the MaPS Flexible Work Arrangement Program.