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Homewood Health Employee and Family Assistance Plan

Homewood LogoHomewood Health Employee and Family Assistance Plan (EFAP) is a confidential service available to employees and their dependents at no cost, to help manage work and personal life. Homewood Health offers counselling, coaching, resources, information, and support for all types of issues relating to mental health, health management, and achieving greater personal and workplace wellbeing.

Why use the services?

Everyone can benefit from the services that Homewood Health has to offer. The EFAP is designed to help you tackle everyday life issues, help you achieve better life balance, and prevent problems from becoming overwhelming. Services provided can support you through life stage transitions from marriage to birth of a child, parenting, family challenges, career changes, bereavement, or planning your retirement. They can also help you deal with depression, anxiety, fear, addictions, and provide immediate assistance in times of crisis.

No matter where you may be working or travelling, Homewood Health services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

EFAP Services

  • Counselling Services: Face-to-Face Counselling, Telephonic Support, Video Counselling, Online e-Counselling
  • Online Resources: e-Learning Courses, Health Risk Assessment, Interactive Tools, Library of medical information, and Health and Workplace Articles
  • Plan Smart – Lifestyle and Specialty Counselling and Coaching
  • Life Balance Solutions: Childcare and Parenting/New Parent Support, Elder and Family Care, Financial Consultation, Legal Advisory, Relationship Solutions
  • Health Smart Coaching: Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss and Weight Management, Nutritional Counselling
  • Career Smart Counselling: Career Planning/Workplace Issue Counselling, Pre-Retirement Planning, Shift Worker Support

How to Access

Call Homewood Health toll-free, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to book appointments, or access immediate help:

  • Toll Free English: 1.800.663.1142
  • Toll Free French: 1.866.398.9505
  • TTY: 1.888.384.1152
  • International (call collect): 604.689.1717
  • Homewood Health Online: and create an individual login profile

All of the services offered by Homewood Health are strictly confidential. Homewood Health goes to extraordinary lengths to protect all personal information and to ensure privacy.