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Current Trainees

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Russell Avramenko - Masters student; Dr. Gilleard
Jennifer Beatty - PhD Student; Dr. Buret
Amol Bhargava - Masters Student; Dr. Buret
Alec Campbell - Masters Student; Dr. McKay
Umer Naveed Chaudhry  - Phd Student; Dr. Gilleard
James Cotton - PhD Student; Dr. Buret
Dave Curran  - PhD Student, Dr. Wasmuth and Dr. Gilleard
Teklu Gerbaba - Post Doctoral Fellow; Dr. Buret
Aude Gilabert - Post Doctoral Fellow; Dr. Wasmuth
Marie Halliez - PhD Student; Dr. Buret
Jose-Luis Reyes Hernandez - Post Doctoral Fellow; Dr. McKay
Ivan Kryukov - Undergraduate Student; Dr. Wasmuth
Sharmilah Latheef - Master' Student; Dr. Gilleard
Keyu Li - Masters Student; Dr. Wasmuth
Chelsea Matisz - PhD Candidate; Dr. McKay
Leanne Mortimer - PhD Student: Dr. Chadee 
Jeanie Quach - PhD Student; Dr. Chadee
Andrew Rezansoff - PhD Student; Dr. Gilleard
Susan Stasiuk - Post Doctoral Fellow; Dr. Gilleard
Bradley van Paridon - MastersStudent; Dr. Gilleard
Guilherme (Gui) Verocai -  PhD Student; Dr. Kutz