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Welcome to HiiTeC

The Health Innovation and Information Technology Centre (HiiTeC) provides information management and technology services and support for Faculty and Staff at the University of Calgary Faculty of Medicine.

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Visit the Faculty of Medicine Intranet at:

A med domain account is required to access the above site.  If you do not have a med domain account please see details below to obtain one.

Requesting a Person of Interest Relationship (POI)

You must have a UCID# and a valid/active relationship (current student, staff, Faculty member, Person of Interest) with the University of Calgary to request a Med Domain Account. If you do not know your UCID# or if your relationship with the University is active, please contact the HR Help Desk at 403.220.5932.

If you are not a University staff or Faculty member you will need to get Person of Interest (POI) status. To request POI status please fill out the form on the following link.

Med Domain Account Request

The Faculty of Medicine Domain (Med Domain) is a network computing environment that provides the unique credentials (user name & password) required to control access to Medicine’s services and equipment on the network and provides a directory, similar to a phone book on network resources and users.

Access & support to our services will require a Med Domain Account. Once you have a med domain account you can find out more details about our services and support by visiting our Faculty of Medicine Intranet Portal at:

To obtain your Med Domain user name and password please complete the form in its entirety. Upon submission your credentials will be verified, your supervisor/approver will be sent an email asking them to approve your request, an account will be created and then you will be contacted with your login and password via email. 

Med Domain Credentials are required to access the following services:  

  1. Faculty of Medicine Intranet - portal site for internal communications sharing of Faculty/Division information.  You will be able to access this site at once you have a valid med domain account.
  2. Hydrogen Network File Storage – shared drives and home drives (personal). 
  3. Desktop management – regular windows & virus updates; policy and permissions management (Windows PCs only).
  4. Exchange Service – Integrated Email & Calendar
  5. Secure Research Data Haven & Health Knowledge Hub Services 
  6. Faculty of Medicine Academic Report Online

To request access to services 2 through 6 above, please submit separate requests to hiitec [at] ucalgary [dot] ca">hiitec [at] ucalgary [dot] ca for each service you require.  In the emails, please indicate the specific service you require and a note that you have submitted your online MED domain account request form. 

This information is collected under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. It is required to set up and manage your HiiTeC account. It will also be used for faculty directory information. If you have any questions about the collection or use of this information, please contact the HiiTeC Service Desk at hiitec [at] ucalgary [dot] ca.

Faculty of Medicine Intranet Service Request Form

The Faculty of Medicine is now accepting requests from faculty and staff members who wish to create an Intranet site for their department or cost centre within the Faculty of Medicine for internal collaborations and communications.  

All requests for sites must be approved by the Intranet Working Group before they are provisioned.  Please use the following Faculty of Medicine Intranet Service Request form to submit your request.  Once your request has been received you will be contacted by a member of the Intranet Working Group information technology team.