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Yoga Thrive Youth Manual

Yoga Thrive for Youth: Practices to promote wellness during and after cancer treatment

The Health and Wellness Lab has published a yoga manual for child and adolescent cancer patients and survivors, as well as their families: Yoga Thrive for Youth: Practices to promote wellness during and after cancer treatment by Robyn Long, S. Nicole Culos-Reed, and Gregory Guilcher.

 Inspired by our community Yoga Thrive for Youth program, this resource is 175 pages of yoga and relaxation practices as well as background information on how to practice safely. The book includes a range of practices so that children have an opportunity to do yoga each day. Sections include:

  • An overview of yoga and childhood cancer, including the types of cancers and treatments, as well as side effects relevant to practicing yoga.
  • A selection of seven breathing, which can be helpful to do before a medical procedure or before going to bed because they promote relaxation.
  • Ten yoga sequences with easy to follow photos and directions. There are gentle practices focused on relaxation as well as practices intended to increase concentration and strength. The sequences are simple enough that they can be performed in a hospital room, or at home with minimal props and equipment.
  • Six relaxation and visualization techniques to foster a sense of calm and inner-peace.
  • Appendices include a yoga practice log, glossary of terms, and list of medications and side effects.

You do not need to have any background in yoga to use this manual. Our hope that it will inspire childhood cancer patients, survivors, and their families to practice yoga. All of the models are childhood cancer patients, survivors, and their siblings. Yoga is about promoting connection with oneself. It is a positive activity for children and adolescents to do as a means to promoting their own health. An important benefit of practicing yoga regularly is that, over time, it empowers participants with practical tools they draw upon to change how they feel.

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