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As a part of our ongoing commitment to the Eyes High initiative, Hazardous Materials Services will be changing the frequency of hazardous waste collection on both Main and Foothills Campuses.  Effective April 1, 2013 waste collection will be available to both campuses on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Current service levels will remain unchanged to Spy Hill Campus and all other outlying facilities.

Requests for collection must be received the day prior to collection day.  Late requests will be held for the next scheduled collection day.  You are encouraged to dispose of waste frequently to prevent unnecessary storage of large quantities of hazardous waste.  If you have questions concerning this change please contact us at


Biohazardous Waste Collection is now done through Chematix. If you have questions, please contact Hazardous Materials Services via email at

About Us

Hazardous Materials Services (HMS) is a division of Environment, Health and Safety located in MacEwan Student Centre.

We are reponsible for the safe and timely collection, consolidation and disposal of hazardous materials generated at the University of Calgary. Our mandate also includes chemical recycling through our Surplus Chemical Store and, serving as a resource on issues encompassing hazardous materials, hazardous waste and Transportation of Dangerous Goods.

HMS manages hazardous wastes generated on campus in accordance with federal, provincial and local regulatory bodies. Following the disposal procedures outlined on this site will assist you to comply with regulatory requirements, University of Calgary policies, best management practices in your role as a waste producer.

At no time should chemicals or aqueous solutions containing chemicals be poured down the drain. Evaporation in fume hoods is also not considered a proper method of disposal.




The process for requesting disposal of gas cylinders is outlined below:

1. In Chematix complete the gas cylinder waste card for the gases you wish to have removed.

2. When assigning the waste card to a pickup worksheet include the account number to be charged for the disposal in the comments section. Please include the name of the Dept Id owner for the account, and then submit your pickup request.

3. We will establish the disposal cost for the cylinder(s) with our contractor and submit an invoice to the identified budget owner.

4. Once the invoice is approved for payment the cylinder(s) will be collected on the next regular pickup day for your area.

Propane and torch gas cylinders will continue to be disposable without charge.
Gases that are classified as ‘Forbidden’ under Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations will remain unacceptable.
Note: This restriction no longer applies to hydrogen sulfide lecture bottles.