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Andrew W. Lyon, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Andrew Lyon
Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

Gastrointestinal Research Group
Calgary Laboratory Services (CLS) Diagnostic Scientific Centre
Phone Office: (403) 770-3205
Fax: (403) 770-3292

Curriculum Vitae

BSc, Queens University;
PhD, Queens University,

Research Interests

  • Evaluation of Neonatal or Fetal Exposure to Drugs and Ethanol
  • Evaluation of anti-thrombin peptides as anticoagulants for clinical laboratory specimen preservation
  • Analbuminemia


Csorba TA, Lyon AW. Abnormal proinsulin congeners as autoantigens that initiate the pathogenesis of Type 1 diabetes. Med Hypotheses 64(1): 186-91, 2005.

Lyon AW, Larsen ET, Edwards AL. The impact of new guidelines for glucose tolerance testing on clinical practice and laboratory services. CMAJ 171(9): 1067-9, 2004.

Lyon ME, Ball CL, Krause RD, Slotsve GA, Lyon AW. Effect of hemolysis on cardiac troponin T determination by the Elecsys 2010 immunoanalyzer. Clin Biochem 37(8): 698-701, 2004.

Lyon AW, Whitley C, Eintracht SL. Analytic evaluation and application of a novel spectrophotometric serum lithium method to a rapid response laboratory. Ther Drug Monit 26(1): 98-101, 2004.

Campagnoli M, Kragh-Hansen U, Overgaard Pedersen A, Amoresano A, Lyon AW, Cesati R, Sala A, Romano A, Galliano M, Minchiotti L. Structural analysis, fatty acid and thyroxine binding properties of Vancouver and Naskapi variants of human serum albumin. Clin Biochem 36(8): 597-605, 2003.

Lyon ME, Ball CL, Lyon AW, Walpole E, Church DL. A preliminary evaluation of the interaction between urine specific gravity and leukocyte esterase results using Bayer Multistix and the Clinitek 500. Clin Biochem 36(7): 579-81, 2003.

Additional Publications