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Shipping, Receiving, and University Courier Services


Distribution Services offers off campus shipping for Faculties and Departments. We ship biological samples, Dangerous goods, Warranty items and bulk items. Distribution Services also provide intercampus delivery within the University of Calgary.

Please fill out an "On Campus Pickup" form located on the MY UofC Portal. Under the tab marked 'My Work', go to the heading entitled 'Finance & Supply Chain' and click on the link to SCM Service Request Forms.

Please contact at 403-220-5611 for further information.

Did you know?

If you are shipping an item for warranty repair, you will be required to provide us with the Serial Number and manufacturing country of the item.


Distribution Services annually receives 2.5 million items for distribution across campus. If you would like to know of the status of an expected package, please check first with the carrier to confirm receipt of delivery location.

If the package has been received by the University of Calgary, please contact SCM Service Team at or call 403-220-5611 and provide the following:

  • Tracking Number;
  • Carrier;
  • Sent from;
  • Sent to.

Any damage or shortage with your shipment must be reported within 48 hours to the SCM Service Team at or call 403-220-5611.

University Courier Services

Please find the links below to the following courier services:

Please note:

  • West Direct does not require waybills. When requesting service, provide your U of C information, i.e. department account code etc.; you will receive a Job Number (this replaces the need for a waybill).
  • Preprinted waybills for all other contracted couriers are available, at no cost, from Distribution Services, Shipping and Receiving at 220-5611. The account number you want your courier costs to be charged to must appear in the appropriate area on the waybill. The courier companies are under the following instructions: NO ACCOUNT NUMBER, NO PICK-UP.
  • The University of Calgary's business importer number is R108102864RM0001.
  • For further information regarding courier services and/or pricing, please telephone Rob Lang at 220-7224.
  • Please Note: Agriculture Canada has advised us that any shipments of animal or human origin, including veterinary biologics, animal or human tissues, cells etc. shipped from outside Canada (including shipments from the United States), that are considered pathogenic or infectious require an Agriculture Canada and/or Health Canada Import Permit. Failure to comply could result in Agriculture Canada seizing and destroying your shipment.
  • The cost of a one-time permit is approximately $35 CND funds, a multi-use permit is currently $60 CND funds. For information on obtaining and payment of Agriculture Canada or Health Canada import permits, contact Rob Lang in the Customs and Traffic Unit, Supply Chain Management at 220-7224 at least two weeks in advance.