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Supply Chain Management

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Supply Chain Management (SCM) facilitates the procurement and distribution processes for goods and services across campus.  SCM provides general purchasing consultation and advice; sources, evaluates and qualifies suppliers, as well as prepares and issues all requests for supplier qualifications, requests for quotations, requests for information, requests for proposals and tenders.  SCM works in conjunction with Legal Services, Risk and IT to draft and negotiate contracts with suppliers.  Within Alberta, the legislation that must be followed for procurement of goods and services falls under the New West Partnership Trade Agreement (NWPTA –  The master data for suppliers is maintained and housed by our Suppliers team in SCM.

The University of Calgary is committed to integrating sustainability into all aspects of its campus operations.  Supply Chain Management integrates sustainability into the purchasing processes for all applicable product and service categories.  To become a preferred supplier of the University of Calgary, suppliers are required to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.  The evaluation process used to select preferred suppliers favours those whose commitment to sustainability aligns with the University's institutional values.  Sustainability is also subsequently integrated into the contracts the university holds with preferred suppliers.

As part of the purchasing team, SCM provides a corporate card service to the University.  The official corporate card for the University is Scotiabank Visa program.

Finally, our Distribution Services team is available to the campus to transport goods that are first delivered to the central loading dock in the Physical Plant, and then shipped to different locations.  Other areas that are within Distribution Services include Customs and Traffic, Inventory Management, Postal Services, and Furnishings/Disposal Services.

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SCM Staff Contact Information

Leadership Team

Name Position Phone Email
Rita Neogy Director, Supply Chain Management 403-220-6576
Vivian Mizera Associate Director, Procurement & Card Services 403-220-6449  
 Ian Babey Associate Director, Distribution Services 403-220-5078  
Jen Gibson Contracts & Administration Manager 403-220-8464
John Morrison Manager, Procurement Services 403-220-5613
Tony Krajnc Manager, Card Services 403-220-7962
Derek Kogstad Manager, Distribution Services 403-220-5579  
Ron Bailey Manager, Distribution Services 403-210-5499  
Bryan Mayo Manager, Distribution Services 403-220-7324

Customer Service Team 1

CFI, Scientific Equipment, Gases, Propane, Animals/Food, Radioactive Materials, Chemicals, Lab Supplies,
Research (non-CFI), Research Subscriptions, Security/CCTV, Cable TV, Internet, Q                              atar (all services), Couriers, Bulkmail, Postage, Customs Brokerage

Name Position Phone Email
Melissa Innes Senior Procurement Specialist 403-220-5188
Helina So Senior Procurement Specialist 403-220-4822

Customer Service Team 2 (Capital Construction)

Construction (major/minor), Labour Contractors, General Contractors, Architects, Engineers, Hardware, Fasteners, Safety Equipment (PPE), Bearings, Belts (Motor Pool), Auto Parts, Electrical, Fleet, Vehicle Rentals, Cleaning Supplies, Uniforms/Linens, Pest Control, Furniture

Name Position Phone Email
Ron Dobson Senior Procurement Specialist 403-220-5907 
Stephen Murphy Senior Procurement Specialist 403-210-3822

Customer Service Team 3

Corporate Services:  Office Equipment, Office Supplies, Coffee, Water, Travel Provider, Airlines, Hotels (including events), Cards (T&E Card, P-Card, One Card), Financial Services, Food Services, Professional Services (Search Firm, including Consultants and Subject Matter Experts), Staff Learning & Training, Marketing Materials,
Subscriptions (non-Research), Sporting Instructors, Fitness Equipment, Fitness Consumables, Apparel, Sporting Events

Name Position Phone Email
Jo Stoynich Senior Procurement Specialist 403-220-4753
Terry Weber Senior Procurement Specialist 403-220-7851
Melissa Innes Senior Procurement Specialist 403-220-5188
Helina Ho Senior Procurement Specialist 403-220-4822
Gayle Gardiner Senior Procurement Specialist 403-220-8619

Customer Service Team 4

Vivian Mizera Associate Director Procurement & Card Services 403-220-6449
Carllyn Colabella Vendor Supervisor 403-220-5099
Cindy Leschyshyn Master Data Specialist 403-220-4614

Contracts & Administration

Name Position Phone Email
Jen Gibson Contracts & Administration Manager 403-220-8464
Chad Anderson Junior Procurement Specialist 403-220-4273
Braydon Munro Junior Procurement Specialist 403-220-4420
Maria Cristales Junior Procurement Specialist 403-220-6399

Card and Travel Management

Name Position Phone Email
Tony Krajnc Team Lead, Card Services 403-220-7962
Laurel Cheltenham Coordinator 403-220-7821
Marg Hunik Administrator 403-220-5747

Customs and Traffic

Name Position Phone Email
Rob Lang Customs Officer 403-220-7224
Tanner Toews Traffic Clerk 403-220-5615

Inventory Management

Supply Chain Management is accountable for inventory management across campus ensuring best practices are followed in the development of policies and procedures to support and expand a University inventory program.  For more information contact Bryan Mayo, Inventory Analyst at

Shipping/Receiving and Postal Services

Name Phone Email
General Information - Shipping/Receiving and Postal Services, Postal Supplier and Forms 403-220-5611
Derek Kogstad - Shipping/Receiving/Mail Services, Team Lead (Main Campus) 403-220-5579
Ron Bailey - Shipping/Receiving/Mail Services, Team Lead (Foothills) 403-210-5499

Furnishings / Disposal Services

Name Position Phone Email
Lionel Johnson Furniture/Install and Moves, Team Lead 403-220-4109  ljohns@ucalgary.
Nancy Abrahamson Disposal Services 403-220-8238

Procurement Specialist Team

Procurement Specialist Team:  Office Equipment, Office Supplies, Coffee, Water, Travel Provider, Airlines, Hotels (including events), Cards (T&E Card, P-Card, One Card), Financial Services, Food Services, Professional Services (Search Firm, including Consultants and Subject Matter Experts), Staff Learning & Training, Marketing Materials,
Subscriptions (non-Research), Sporting Instructors, Fitness Equipment, Fitness Consumables, Apparel, Sporting Events, Information Technology, Hardware, Software, Licensing, Cell Phones, Audio and Video.

Name Position Phone Email
John Morrison Team Lead, Procurement Services 403-220-5613
Ling Li Procurement Specialist 403-220-5748 
Courtney Levesque-Thomas Procurement Specialist 403-220-8688
Sabeel Khan Procurement Specialist 403-220-2869
Yasmin Jaffer Procurement Specialist 403-220-4652

Procurement Services

Procurement Services manages, administers and coordinates supplier purchases and agreements relating to goods, services, furniture, equipment, capital construction and renovations for all university faculties, departments and research initiatives.

Services include:

  • Sourcing and processing of all department/faculty purchase requests through BAS eProcurement system;
  • Establishing of Preferred Supplier agreements;
  • Expediting delivery of supplier orders;
  • Managing competitive bid and sole/single sourcing process;
  • Strategic sourcing;
  • Supplier development and performance management;
  • Supplier contract negotiation and administration.

Learn more about Procurement Services.

Distribution Services

Distribution Services handle the receipt of goods from outside the campus, the movement of goods on campus, and the disposal and/or outbound movement of goods.

Services include Shipping and Receiving, Postal Services, Customs and Traffic, Furniture Services and Material Disposal Services.

Learn more about Distribution Services.

Travel Services

Travel Services provides an efficient and cost effective travel program to assist the University of Calgary in their quest to be recognized as one of the top teaching and research institutes in the world.

Learn more about Travel Services.

University Credit Cards

The University's Travel & Expense (T&E) Card Program and Purchasing (PCard) Card Program are designed to make purchasing and travel expenses easy to manage.

Learn more about Card Programs.

Supplier Business

Learn more about doing business with the University of Calgary.

Need to Talk to Someone?

Contact SCM Help Desk at

Integrated Service Centre (ISC)
Phone: 403-220-5611

SCM Location
Physical Plant Building - Room PP65
University of Calgary (West End of Campus)
3838-24 Avenue NW
Calgary, AB T2N 1N4

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