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Growth chart App

Four Apps are available based on the 2013 Fenton Growth Charts

1. An on-line growth chart App that allows you to view and print your infants' growth patterns 

2. An Apple-based full growth chart plotting App, that also provides exact percentiles and z-scores based on actual age 

3. Calculators that provides exact percentiles and z-scores based on completed weeks - for iPhones & Android devices

Details and download instructions below:

1. New!! CPEG-GCEP growth chart plotting tools

You can view infants weight, head circumference and length growth in your care plotted on the Fenton Growth Charts, as well as on other charts including the WHO growth standard, and print high-resolution charts. There are two ways to enter the data, either as “direct data entry version” in which you enter individual infant measurements or a "spreadsheet version” by uploading a .csv file of your data. Girls and boys need to be uploaded separately so they can be plotted on the sex-appropriate growth chart. You can plot either weekly data or you can also plot measurements between whole weeks, provide the gestational age as the fractions, e.g. for between 24 and 25 weeks, you could use: 24.14, 24.3, 24.43, 24.57, 24.7 and 24.86 for days 1,2,3,4,5 and 6.”

Features: Price: Free, no charge

On-line Available:

Developed by: Dr. Atul Sharma University of Manitoba, Department of Paediatrics and Child Health and Dr. Dan Metzger BC Children's Hospital


2. A Preterm Growth Chart App that shows babies growth patterns (weight, head circumference, and length) on the Fenton 2013 growth charts is now available. This App works on Apple iPhones and iPads that have an Operating System of iOS 8 or greater.

"I love this growth chart App, that you can enter the data every few days and see the baby’s growth pattern on the growth chart.    It also provides Z scores for each measurement.  This App is much easier to use than paper copies of the growth charts, and I like that you can e-mail the growth chart too."  Sarah McKenna, Pediatric Dietitian


Free - You can test the App for up to 2 babies, 5 measurements 

Family version (1 or 2 babies) - $4.99 

Professional version (unlimited babies) - $29.99

Available from:

Apple App store: 

Quatrian website:

Features include:

  • Tracking preterm infants with gestational age at birth of 22 weeks to 37 weeks
  • Tracking measurements up to 67 weeks
  • Family version allows tracking of two children (through in-app purchase)
  • Professional version allows tracking an unlimited number of children (through in-app purchase)
  • Printing chart to any iOS enabled printer
  • Emailing chart and data values with password protection
  • iPad and iPhone support 

3a. An iPhone/iPad calculator that provides exact percentiles and z-scores based on completed weeks (free):


Price: Free, no charge

Requires iOS 6.1 or later.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, optimized for iPhone 5.

Available from: Apple App store: 


New!!   An Android calculator that provides exact percentiles and z-scores based on exact age or completed weeks (free):

Price: Free, no charge
Requires Android 4.0 or above.
Compatible with Android devices (phone or tablets).

To avoid errors at extreme z-scores for weight, z-scores >+3 and <–3 are reported as >+3 and <–3.

Developed by: Dr. Dan Metzger

Available from Google Play: