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Grand Opening of Canada's First Exergaming Research Centre 

An innovative research project is hoping to discover whether the new generation of ‘exergames’ can really impact on youth fitness, and perhaps help with the growing incidence of obesity among Canadian youth. Exergames are a new trend in video games that combine an element of exercise with traditional gaming.

The research centre, located in southwest Calgary, is a collaboration between the Foundations for the Future Academy, the University of Calgary and Mount Royal University.  It is funded by the Community Initiatives Program through the Alberta Lottery Fund.

Linking Technology to Provincial Educational Outcomes

The Canadian Exergaming Research Centre (CERC) has been designed to study the impact of active video gaming on the acquistion of fundamental movement skills in children.  While doing so, direct connections to the Alberta Physical Education Program of Studies are made to ensure that the outcomes of exergaming activities align with the relevant standards of motor learning.

According to Canada's Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) plan, the most influential years in the development of physical literacy occur during the optimal period of readines prior to puberty.  The CERC has selected age appropriate equipment that will help children balance, and improve agility, coordination and laterality.

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Building an Exergaming Centre

What was once an empty stage collecting dust and storing mats has been transformed into a dynamic centre of activity bursting with technology. 

Balance Assessment and Technology

A key element to the research will be to provide teachers with a simple and effective way to measure postural stability of their students.  The CERC is developing a measurement tool that is easy to use, valid and reliable.  In addition to the balance field test, the research team is examining ways to measure other fundamental movement skills like lateralilty, coordination and agility. 

Canadian Exergaming Research Centre

Contact Information

Lead Researchers

Dwayne Sheehan, PhD
Mount Royal University
Associate Professor, Dept of Physical Education and Recreation Studies
Tel: 403-440-5148
Fax: 403-440-6744
4825 Mount Royal Gate
Calgary, Alberta
Canada T3E 6K6

Larry Katz, PhD.
University of Calgary
Professor & Director
Sport Technology Research Laboratory
Tel: 403-220-3418
Fax: 403-284-2098
Kinesiology Complex B, Room 245
2500 University Drive
NW, Calgary, Alberta
Canada T2N 1N4