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Submission Guidelines

Aim and Scope

EJournal is a pioneering all-electronic, peer-reviewed, multi-disciplinary
academic journal published since 1991. We are especially interested in
theory and practice surrounding the creation, transmission, storage,
interpretation, alteration and replication of electronic "text," broadly defined.
We are also interested in the broader social, psychological, literary,
economic and pedagogical implications of computer-mediated networks.

Feature articles should be thoroughly researched, theoretically and philosophically driven, capable of broad application, and accessible by educated non-technical readers. We are especially (though not exclusively) interested in areas such as:

In addition, we solicit reviews, notes, comments, brief reports of research in progress, and other supplementary materials. Except as appendices to more theoretically driven articles, simple lists of resources and similar material are discouraged. Only original papers written in English will be considered for publication.

EJournal will publish both linear essays (electronic analogues of paper essays) and more adventurous hypertext essays.

How to Submit

To submit an article to EJournal, simply send it by electronic mail to the Editorial Office.


Manuscripts can be sent as plain ASCII text, word processed text (WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, and other common software options), or HTML. Webtexts can be submitted as URLs. Non-text objects, like pictures, programs, spreadsheets, audio files, and full motion video, can be part of an article. These non-text objects must be forwarded as binary files to the Editorial Office. Graphics should be sent as GIF or JPEG files.  Please limit the use of devices such as frames and large graphic files.

When published in final form, all materials will be copied to the EJournal archive site for safekeeping.  Authors are also encouraged to maintain a "dynamic" version at their own sites for updating.  EJournal reserves the right to add headers to all files it publishes in order to direct readers back to the journal.  Otherwise we will strive to honour authors' formatting choices.


Authors submitting a paper to EJournal automatically agree to assign a limited license to EJournal if and when the manuscript is accepted for publication. This license allows EJournal to publish a manuscript in a given issue.

Articles published in EJournal are protected by copyright, retained by the authors. Authors control translation and reproduction rights to their works published in EJournal. If a paper published in EJournal is re-issued or translated, with permission of the author, a reference or pointer to the original paper is required.

EJournal is a copyrighted product, and all rights are reserved worldwide. Permissions to republish any materials occurring in EJournal should be directed to the Editorial Office. Downloads of specific portions of articles in EJournal are permitted for personal use, but not for commercial use or resale.

For more information, or to propose or submit an article, please contact the editors:

Doug Brent, Faculty of General Studies, University of Calgary, Canada,

Joanna Richardson, Library, Bond University, Australia,

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