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An electronic journal concerned with the implications
of electronic networks and texts

EJournal is a pioneering all-electronic, peer-reviewed, multi-disciplinary academic journal published since 1991. We are especially interested in theory and practice surrounding the creation, transmission, storage, interpretation, alteration and replication of electronic "text," broadly defined. We are also interested in the broader social, psychological, literary, economic and pedagogical implications of computer-mediated networks. 

Volume 12-13  Number 1   March 2003

In This Issue:

Link to Editors' Foreword, V12-13N1 Editors' Foreword

Doug Brent and Joanna Richardson
Link to Social Networking in the On-line Classroom Feature Article
Social Networking in the Online Classroom: 
Foundations of Effective Online Learning

Robert Woods
Spring Arbor University
Samuel Ebersole
University of Southern Colorado


Successful online instructors understand the relationship between social
dynamics and cognitive learning in the online classroom. A positive social
dynamic can connect learners in meaningful ways, support knowledge
construction and extend collaborative learning opportunities. Online and
offline community-building strategies, if intentionally integrated into the
online classroom, can create social networks among learners that eventually
help instructors bridge the gap between the task (cognitive) and
interpersonal (social) dimensions of learning.   Robert Woods and Samuel Ebersole present the idea of the "communal scaffold" as a way to conceptualize the process of social networking and offer practical guidelines for building a socially-connected online learning environment. 

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