An electronic journal concerned with the implications
of electronic networks and texts

EJournal is a pioneering all-electronic, peer-reviewed, multi-disciplinary academic journal published since 1991. We are especially interested in theory and practice surrounding the creation, transmission, storage, interpretation, alteration and replication of electronic "text," broadly defined. We are also interested in the broader social, psychological, literary, economic and pedagogical implications of computer-mediated networks. 

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Current Issue
September 2004

Feature Article:

What Makes Web Pages Different: 
Reemphasizing the Role of Hypertext to Develop Rhetorical Webs

Christopher Paul

Call for Submissions

EJournal is soliciting articles on the implications of electronic text as described in our masthead.  Feature articles should be thoroughly researched, theoretically and philosophically driven, capable of broad application, and accessible by educated non-technical readers. 

We are especially (though not exclusively) interested in areas such as:

  • implications of new forms of text for the development of philosophy, literature, science, journalism, and knowledge in general
  •  processes of reading, writing and comprehending new forms of text
  •  connections between new forms of text and new forms of teaching and learning
  •  the role of libraries, electronic journals and other forms of knowledge distribution in the information age
  •  methods of promoting “information literacy” in its widest sense, especially in an academic environment
  •  faculty development in an information age
In addition, we solicit reviews, notes, comments, brief reports of research in progress, and other supplementary materials.  Except as appendices to more theoretically driven articles, simple lists of resources and similar material are discouraged.

EJournal will publish both linear essays (electronic analogues of paper essays) and more adventurous hypertext essays.


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Submissions and Copyright

EJournal encourages submissions on any aspect of the social and cultural implications of electronic networks and texts.  See our submission and copyright guidelines.

Send email concerning submissions to EJournal's editorial offices.


EJournal is edited by 

Doug Brent
Faculty of Communication and Culture
University of Calgary, Canada
Joanna Richardson
Division of Information Services
Griffith University, Australia

Editorial Assistant:
Dawn Johnston, University of Calgary

Founding Editor
Ted Jennings, Emeritus,  University at Albany, State University of New York.

Founding Advisory Board 
Dick Lanham, University of California at Los Angeles
Stevan Harnad, University of Southampton
Ann Okerson, Association of Research Libraries
Joe Raben City, University of New York
Bob Scholes, Brown University
Harry Whitaker, University of Quebec at Montreal

Current Advisory Board 
Stevan Harnad, University of Southampton
Frank E. X. Dance, University of Denver

Davis Foulger, Temple University
nn Okerson, Association of Research Libraries
  Charles Ess, Drury University

Doug Brent
, University of Calgary

Associate Editor
Joanna Richardson, Griffith University, Australia

ISSN 1054-1055

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