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Submitted by quentincollier on Thu, 03/26/2015 - 4:45pm

The Department of Clinical Neurosciences boasts an outstanding faculty of neurosurgeons, neurologists, specialists in physical medicine & rehabilitation, neuroscientists, and medical educators.

Our clinicians have trained in the world’s leading universities and centres of neuroscience, and for over 25 years, our faculty has been carefully recruited from across Canada, Europe, and the United States. They display a remarkable range of surgical skills, diagnostic acumen, and expertise in neurological recovery, and excel in virtually every aspect of patient care in the clinical neurosciences. Many are internationally renowned opinion leaders in their fields of expertise - they take pride in their work and are dedicated to sharing their knowledge with the next generation of specialists. 

We are also very proud of our extraordinary scientists. Many members of Clinical Neurosciences are medical scholars and scientists of the prestigious Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research (AHFMR), while others hold research awards from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and the Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI). Perhaps no other group at our University has been as successful in the competition of ideas.   

Members of The Department of Clinical Neurosciences:

Agha-Khani, Yahya Neurologist Clinical Assistant Professor
Alikhani, Katayoun Neurologist Clinical Assistant Professor
Amoozegar, Farnaz Neurologist Clinical Assistant Professor
Barber, Philip Neurologist Associate Professor
Becker, Werner Neurologist Professor Emeritus
Benson, Brian Family Physician Adjunct Research Assistant Professor
Burkholder, Lee Physiatrist Clinical Assistant Professor
Burton, Jodie Neurologist Clinical Assistant Professor
Busche, Kevin Neurologist Assistant Professor
Cairncross, J Gregory Neurologist Professor
Casha, Steve Neurosurgeon Assistant Professor
Chhibber, Sameer Neurologist Clinical Assistant Professor
Cooke, Lara Neurologist Associate Professor
Costello, Fiona Neurologist Associate Professor
Coutts, Shelagh Neurologist Associate Professor
Davenport, Jeptha Neurologist Clinical Assistant Professor
Debert, Chantel Physiatrist Clinical Assistant Professor
Demchuk, Andrew Neurologist Professor
de Robles, Paula Neurologist Clinical Assistant Professor
Dike, Nwamara Physiatrist Clinical Assistant Professor
Dukelow, Sean Physiatrist Associate Professor
du Plessis, Stephan Neurosurgeon Clinical Assistant Professor
Ebadi, Hamid Neurologist Clinical Assistant Professor
Feasby, Tom Neurologist Professor
Federico, Paolo Neurologist Associate Professor
Fletcher, William Neurologist Professor
Furtado, Sarah Neurologist Clinical Associate Professor
Gabriel, Vincent Physiatrist  Clinical Associate Professor 
Gallagher, Clare Neurosurgeon Assistant Professor
Gnanakumar, Vithya Physiatrist Clinical Assistant Professor
Gupta, Arun Physiatrist Clinical Assistant Professor
Hader, Walter Neurosurgeon Associate Professor
Hahn, Chris Neurologist Clinical Assistant Professor
Hamilton, Mark Neurosurgeon Professor
Hanson, Alexandra Neurologist Clinical Assistant Professor
Hill, Denise Physiatrist Clinical Associate Professor 
Hill, Michael Neurologist Professor 
Ho, Chester Physiatrist Associate Professor
Hu, Bin Researcher Professor
Jacobs, W Bradley Neurosurgeon Assistant Professor
Jarvis, Scott Neurologist Clinical Assistant Professor
Jetté, Nathalie Neurologist Professor
Josephson, Colin Neurologist Assistant Professor
Kamal, Noreen Researcher Adjunct Assistant Professor
Kapadia, Ronak Neurologist Clinical Lecturer
Kelly, John Neurosurgeon Assistant Professor
Kiss, Zelma Neurosurgeon Associate Professor
Klassen, Brian Neurologist Clinical Assistant Professor
Klein, Gary Neurologist Clinical Associate Professor
Koch, Marcus Neurologist Assistant Professor
Kohli, Jagdeep Neurologist Clinical Assistant Professor
Korngut, Lawrence Neurologist Associate Professor
Kraft, Scott Neurologist Clinical Assistant Professor
Lam, Kenneth Physiatrist Clinical Assistant Professor
Leroux, Elizabeth Neurologist Clinical Assistant Professor
LeBlond, Daniel Physiatrist Clinical Associate Professor
Leung, Gentson Physiatrist Clinical Assistant Professor
Li Pi Shan, Rodney Physiatrist Clinical Associate Professor
Martino, Davide Neurologist Associate Professor
McGovern, Christine Physiatrist Clinical Associate Professor
McGowan, Dan Physiatrist Clinical Associate Professor
McNeil, Stephen Physiatrist  Clinical Associate Professor 
Menon, Bijoy Neurologist Assistant Professor
Metz, Luanne Neurologist Professor
Midha, Rajiv Neurosurgeon Professor & Department Head
Mitha, Alim Neurosurgeon Assistant Professor
Monchi, Oury Researcher Professor
Murphy, William Neurologist Clinical Associate Professor
Nguyen, Minh Dang Researcher Associate Professor
Ousman, Shalina  Researcher Assistant Professor
Patry, David Neurologist Clinical Professor
Pearson, Dawn Neurologist Clinical Assistant Professor
Pfeffer, Gerald Neurologist Assistant Professor
Pillay, Neelan Neurologist Clinical Professor
Plamondon, Stephanie Physiatrist Clinical Associate Professor
Pringsheim, Tamara Neurologist Associate Professor
Riva-Cambrin, Jay Neurosurgeon Associate Professor
Sarkar, Susobhan Researcher Research Assistant Professor
Sarna, Justyna Neurologist Clinical Assistant Professor
Smith, Eric Neurologist Associate Professor
Starreveld, Yves Neurosurgeon Assistant Professor
Stys, Peter Neurologist Professor
Subramaniam, Suresh Neurologist Clinical Assistant Professor
Sutherland, Garnette Neurosurgeon Professor
Tomanek, Boguslaw Researcher Adjunct Assistant Professor
Virani, Noorshina Physiatrist Clinical Associate Professor
Watson, Tim Neurologist Clinical Assistant Professor
White, Chris Neurologist Clinical Associate Professor
Wiebe, Samuel Neurologist Professor
Wilson, Scott Neurologist Clinical Assistant Professor
Wiltshire, Katie Neurologist Clinical Assistant Professor
Wong, John Neurosurgeon Associate Professor
Yeung, Michael Neurologist Clinical Associate Professor
Yong, V. Wee Researcher Professor 
Zonghang, Zhao Researcher Research Assistant Professor