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Help Desk Location:
Math Sciences 151
University of Calgary
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Help Desk Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:30am - 12:00pm
1:00pm - 4:30pm

T. 403.220.6613

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Media Room & Video Conferencing

The media room is located in ICT 618B. This room is used for meetings, video conferences, presentations and defenses.  Booking the media room is done via the main office staff in ICT 602.

The equipment in the room consists of a 1280 X 1024 rear projection screen, Sony PCS-XG80 video Conference Center, stereo and VCR. To use the projector, please point the remote control attached to the end of the conference table at the screen and press the green I/O button.  Then the appropriate input according to the following table:

Input Selection (Projector) Input Selection (Stereo)

Input A


VCR Playback



Video Conferencing

Input D


The vga and audio cables connected to the end pod on the conference table are for connecting your laptop or presentation device to the projector.   The Sony PCS-XG80 Video Conference Center must be turned on by using the remote control available in the main office.

Please ensure you have the remote control if your conference is before 8:30 am or after 4:30 pm M-F.

Please note that the projector and VC Center have a maximum presentation mode resolution.

If you do not see an image after you plug in your laptop and you have selected the proper input, please set the resolution on your laptop to 1024X 768 to confirm proper operation.

Should you need further technical assistance using the media room equipment, please contact us.

Video Conference Quick Start Guide

  1. Turn on projector using DATA remote; select "Input D"
  2. Turn on Video Conference box using CONF remote (NOTE: the CONF remote resides in the main office and can be borrowed by requesting it from the CPSC office staff)
  3. Ensure amplifier has correct input (TV HDMI); change volume levels using the amp only (if they are calling you, you're done...relax...but see below)
  4. Select "Connect", enter their IP address on the appropriate page (you must select "END" after entering their IP number to enable the "Connect" button)
  5. Once the connection has been established, change display options (PIP, side-by-side) using the "Display" button; to show laptop output, use the "Presentation" button
  • Our system auto-answers, but for privacy the microphones are disabled by default; once connection has been established, toggle the local microphones on/off using the "MIC" button (an icon will appear in the top/left corner of the screen when disabled)
  • When finished, disconnect remote session and shutdown system into STANDBY mode; do not select "POWER OFF" as a powered down system cannot be turned on with the remote
  • The IP address of our system is:
Video Source Projector Input Amplifier Input*
TV (Cable TV) Video TV Analog
DVD player/VCR Video TV Analog
Video Conference Input D TV HDMI
Laptop Input A CD

* Use Audio Assign button to change between HDMI/Analog,  Use Input Select to change between TV/CD (or use the amplifier remote)