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CPSC Student Representatives - Winter 2017

Contact one of the student reps or CSUS if you wish to anonymously provide feedback on a course or the CPSC program to

  • Highlight a positive experience.
  • Express worries or concerns related to your courses or the degree program.
  • Point out obstacles that hinder your completion of a course or a CPSC degree program.
  • Or anything else that you want to anonymously bring to the attention of the department.

These representatives will meet with Nathaly Verwaal, Associate Head for Undergraduate Affairs, on a regular basis to pass on any information you provide them.

   First Year

Second Year

Erika Fung
CPSC 231

Cameron Davies
CPSC 355
CPSC 331

Jennifer Hunchak
CPSC 231
PHIL 279

Greyson Mannella
CPSC 355

Ga Hyung Kim
CPSC 231
PHIL 279

Nathan Meulenbroek
CPSC 331
CPSC 355

Jason Lyster
CPSC 231
Math 211

Shivani Thakkar
CPSC 313
CPSC 355

Alex Todorovic
CPSC 313
CPSC 331
CPSC 359

Third Year

Sharon Wang
CPSC 441
CPSC 471
PHIL 314

Selena Yu
CPSC 449
CPSC 457
CPSC 413

Fourth Year

Nick Brons
CPSC 413
CPSC 481
CPSC 594

Shreya Chopra
CPSC 471
CPSC 584
CPSC 599 (iprogramming for Creative Minds)

Andrew Groeneveldt
CPSC 599.82
CPSC 433

Mark Lin
CPSC 418
CPSC 441
CPSC 525
PHIL 329

Syed Ahmed Zaidi
CPSC 441
CPSC 418/PMAT 418
CPSC 525/CPSC 625
CPSC 530/CPSC 630