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Graduate Seminar: User-defined Single-hand Microgestures

Date & Time:
March 31, 2017 | 11:30 am
ICT 618B
Edwin Chan

Abstract:  Gestural interaction has become increasingly popular, as enabling technologies continue to transition from research to retail. The mobility of miniaturized (and invisible) technologies introduces new uses for gesture recognition. We investigated single-hand microgestures (SHMGs), detailed gestures in a small interaction space. SHMGs are suitable for the mobile and discrete nature of interactions for ubiquitous computing. However, there is a lack of end-user input in the design of such gestures. We present the results of an elicitation study, which asked users to design hand gestures. We discuss the resulting gesture set, and prevalent conceptual themes amongst the elicited gestures. These themes provide a set of guidelines for gesture designers, while informing the designs of future studies. With the increase in hand-tracking and electronic devices in our surroundings, we see this as a starting point for designing gestures suitable to portable ubiquitous computing.