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Dr. Mea Wang

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Technovation Challenge 2017 (Calgary Region)

The Faculty of Science is excited to be a part of the 2017 Technovation Challenge to spark female students' interest in technology in the Calgary region. The Technovation Challenge  is a world-wide initiative, started in the Silicon Valley, working to engage young women in technology entrepreneurship. 

In this program, middle/high school girls design mobile apps, gain technology and entrepreneurship skills, and work with women mentors from the tech industry.  The 12-week program matches each team with two mentors - one from industry who is in a professional role (providing business advice) and one from the Department of Computer Science (providing technical support). Together they work through an online curriculum focused on creating an app, defining a problem, understanding how the app solves the problem, understanding the customer need, market size, competition. These young women are exposed to the whole business life cycle of creating a mobile app. At the end of the 12 weeks, they will participate in a regional pitch competition at the University of Calgary. The World Pitch competition will take place in Silicon Valley.

In the Calgary region, the program will begin with a 1-day kickoff event at the University of Calgary January 7, 2017.  Students will then meet with their mentors on a weekly basic at their schools to develop their project.  The University of Calgary will host three 2-hour team meet-ups: February 11, March 11, and April 8, 2017.  The meet-ups are designed to help teams stay on track and receive timely feedback throughout the program.

In April, each team will submit their mobile app, business plan, and video pitch for their app.  In May, all teams are invited to the Technovation Calgary Regional Pitch event, hosted by University of Calgary, where students will demo their apps and present their business plans to a panel of experts, competing for prizes.  In July, top teams selected by Technovation will be invited to the San Francisco Bay Area for the Technovation World Pitch event.


PLEASE NOTE - Registration for Technovation 2017 Calgary regional competition is now closed. The registration for Technovation 2017 world competition is open until March 8, 2017.

Schedule of Events:

January 7: 9am – 4pm – Technovation Challenge Kick-off 

January – April: weekly meetings at participating schools

  • February 11: 9am – 11am – 1st meet-up focusing on business plan (Guest speaker: Lisa Zaharia)
  • March 11: 9am – 11am – 2nd meet-up focusing on app development
  • April 8: 9am – 11am – 3rd meet-up focusing on final deliverables

May 13: 9am – 2pm – Technovation Regional Pitch

**Please note that all of the events will take place at the University of Calgary campus.

For further information about the Calgary regional events, please contact the Technovation Regional Ambassador Dr. Mea Wang (

The last time the Technovation Challenge took place in Calgary was 2014. There were six strong teams and one of them advanced to the World Pitch in June 2014 and won.  If you're interested to see more, visit:

Technovation 2017 Documents

Meet the Teams

Team Name:  Byte Me
School:  Strathmore High School
Teacher:  Ed Eberts
Students:  Katie Doak, Emily Stobbe, Emma Ewashen, Kaila Estall, Rachel Huhn
Business Mentors:  Annisha Chakravorty, Elena Dumitrascu, Amanda Baxter, Shelley Jahnke
Technical Mentors:  Gabriela Jurca, Ahmed Zaidi
App Name: The Walking Buddy
Team Name:  TBD
School:  Crescent Heights High School
Teacher:  Elizabeth Duke
Students:  Kimberly Do, Tia McDowell, Jassica Moylan, Julia Quong, Kate Vlaar
Business Mentors:  Jennitta Andrea, Elizabeth Burton
Technical Mentors:  Danvy Tran, Abdullah Sarhan
App Name: TBD
Team Name:  TBD
School:  John G. Diefenbaker High School
Teacher:  Karen Kiefer
Students:  Patricia Lively, Simone Campbell, Betty Zhang, Hannah Noemi Sembrano
Business Mentors:  Yousra Alyanaai, Christine Martin
Technical Mentors:  Sharon Wang, Ahmed Zaidi
App Name: Byll
Team Name:  ZEST
School:  William Aberhart High School
Teacher:  Gustaaf Wehnes
Students:  Akanksha Joshi, Bianca Sass, Chloe Bouchard, Grace Liang, Hager Ben Mansour, Micah Yang
Business Mentors:  Shilpa Sharma, Andrea Merrick
Technical Mentors:  Fatemeh Shirzad, Abdullah Sarhan
App Name: ClemenTime
Team Name:  ThinC
School:  Sir Winston Churchill High School
Teacher:  Margaret Jones
Students:  Lucy Han, Amy Han, Anaïs Rojas Vélez, Salma Salhi, Sheena Cheng
Business Mentors:  Priya Denton
, Drakhshan Jamil
Technical Mentors:  Rachel Quapp, Omar Addam
App Name: DecidEd
Team Name:  Pixel Chicks
School:  Bowness High School
Teacher:  Clive McGowan
Students:  Rachel Ralph, Blyth Oswald, Haleigh Schreyer, Sarah Wohlgemuth
Business Mentors:  Tulika Gupta, Simone Hughes
Technical Mentors:  Gabriela Jurca, Omar Addam
App Name: TBD
Team Name:  United
School:  Bishop McNally High School
Teacher:  Victor Truong
Students:  Traneice Ellexia D. Aranda, Donnattella Salvador, Leanne Bui, Veyro Pascval
Business Mentors:  Amanda Baxter, Elena Dumitrascu
Technical Mentors:  Christine Cao, Ahmed Zaidi
App Name: Shared Love