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Campus Planning

Campus Planning has prime responsibility for the assignment of space, and (working with colleagues across campus) shares responsibility for the inventory, utilization and evaluation of academic and administrative facilities at University of Calgary owned and occupied sites.

Campus Planning performs the following services:

    • Space allocation;
    • Capital project support;
    • Space-related processes, policy & guideline development;
    • Space management, reporting & evaluation;
    • Unit Space Master Planning support; and
    • Related process communications.

PLEASE NOTE:  Campus Planning does not schedule any academic activities, meetings, or events in any building. Please contact the Registrar,or Meetings and Special Events, or your favourite administrative person before contacting Campus Planning. We also do not operate or maintain buildings or grounds. Please contact Facilities Management for such matters:  403-220-7555 or their web page.

For additional details, see Roles and Purpose.