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Prof. Maya Paczuski (on leave)
Founder of the Complexity Science Group
Prof. Jörn Davidsen
Associate Professor, Ingenuity New Faculty and Humboldt Research Fellow
Phone: 1 (403) 210-7964
e-mail: davidsen(at)
Prof. Peter Grassberger
Visiting Professor
e-mail: p.grassberger(at)

Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Samira Maghsoudi
Phone: 1 (403) 210-7903
e-mail: samira.maghsoudi(at)
  Picture of Samira  
Dr. Jordi Baro 
Phone: 1 (403) 210-6007
e-mail: jordi.barourbea(at)

Ph.D. Students

Mr. Elliot Martin
Ph.D. Student
Phone: 1 (403) 210-7909
e-mail: kryptec(at)
Elliot Martin
Mr. Joseph Hickey
Ph.D. Student
email: joseph.hickey(at)
Mr. Fernando Girotto
Ph.D. Student
e-mail: fernando.girotto(at)

M.Sc. Students

Mr. Andres Felipe Zambrano Moreno  
Master's Student
e-mail: andres.zambranomoren(at)

Undergraduate Students

Mr. Jan Dirk Dorrestijn
Research Student (University of Calgary)
e-mail: jddorres(at)
Mr. Fernando Lopes
Research Student (University of Calgary)
e-mail: fglopes(at)
Mr. Alexander Meinke
DAAD RISE Worldwide Summer Student (University of Rostock, Germany)
e-mail: alexpw(at)

 Former Postdocs and Graduate Students

Dr. Aicko Yves Schumann
former Postdoctoral Fellow (02/2010-01/2013),
now postdoctoral researcher at Medical University of South Carolina, USA
e-mail: ay.schumann(at)
Picture of Aicko  

Dr. Claire Christensen
former Postdoctoral Fellow, now staff scientist at Avatar EEG Solutions Inc. Calgary, Canada
e-mail: christensen44(at)

Dr. Seung-Woo Son
former Postdoctoral Fellow, now Assistant Professor
Department of Applied Physics
Hanyang University, Ansan, Gyunggi-do, KOREA 426-791
Tel: +82-31-400-5473
Fax: +82-31-400-5457
e-mail: sonswoo(at) 
SW picture 
Dr. Nicholas R. Moloney
former Postdoctoral Fellow, now Resident Fellow at London Mathematical Laboratory, UK
Dr. James Reid
former Postdoctoral Fellow, now Research Fellow at University of Queensland, Australia
e-mail: j.reid7(at)
Dr. Vishal Sood
former Postdoctoral Fellow, now Data Scientist and Developer at Citiviz, Switzerland
e-mail: vishal.chandra.sood(at)
Mr. Ghislain St. Yves
former Ph.D. Student, now postdoctoral fellow at Medical University of South Carolina, USA
e-mail: ghis.styves(at)
Ms. Golnoosh Bizhani
f ormer Ph.D. Student, now Air Quality Scientist at RWDI, Calgary, Canada
email: golnoosh_Bizhani(at)
Dr. Orion Penner
former Ph.D. student, now Assistant Professor at IMT Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca, Italy
e-mail: orion.penner(at)
Dr. David Foster
former Ph.D. Student, now Software Architect at FoodLogiQ, USA
e-mail: ventres(at)
Dr. Jacob Foster
former Ph.D. Student, now Assistant Professor (Sociology) at UCLA, USA
e-mail: foster(at)
Dr. Amer Shreim
former Ph.D. student, now Senior Manager - Risk Management - RBC Global Asset Toronto
Ph.D. Thesis: On the Analysis of the State Space Networks of Discrete Dynamical Systems
Defense: December 2009
Supervisors: Maya Paczuski, Peter Grassberger
e-mail: amer.shreim(at)
Mr. Javad Moradpour Taleshi
former Master's Student, now PhD candidate (Economics) at University of Calgary, Canada
e-mail: moradpour.javad(at)
Mr. Chad Gu
former Master's Student, now PhD candidate (Physics) at University of Toronto, Canada

Mr. Andrew Berdahl
former Master's Student, now Ph.D. Candidate (Ecology) at Princeton University , USA
M.Sc. Thesis: Dynamics of Random Boolean Networks
Defense: May 2009
Supervisors: Jörn Davidsen, Maya Paczuski
e-mail: aberdahl(at)