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Dr. Gregor Wolbring - Supervisor Profile

Faculty Name: Dr. Gregor Wolbring
CHS Position: Associate Professor

Primary Specialization Affiliation: Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies
Secondary Specialization Affiliation: Health Services Research

Accepting students for the following degree programs:

MSc: Yes

PhD: Yes

Research areas of interest:

I have two lenses through which I look at all the topics of Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies: one being Disability Studies and the other being Ability Studies. As for topics, I cover social, ethical, legal, economic, environmental, cultural, and governance issues of new, emerging and converging sciences and technologies (S&T). Some examples include nanoscale S&T, aging, longevity and immortality research, cognitive sciences, neuromorphic engineering, genetics, synthetic biology, governance of bodily enhancement S&T, social robotics; brain machine interfaces and sensors; sports; human security (food, climate, water, energy...), human rights, personhood, sentient rights, global health, ecohealth; tele-health, and other general health topics related to CRDS (technology assessment, law, care and policies).

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Please note:
Students who would like to be supervised by me are expected to actively contribute to my student group. For info on the group see

When contacting this Faculty Member regarding Supervision or being a part of your committee please include:

  • CV
  • Highlight of how research and work experience have prepared you for graduate school
  • Highlight 1-2 Publications that applicant is most proud of
  • Brief summary of research interests statement of how the applicants interests match your own

Contact Information:

Email: gwolbrin [at] ucalgary [dot] ca

Updated - Sept 2013