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Dr. Douglas Shantz with President Elizabeth Cannon

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An Introduction to German Pietism: Protestant Renewal at the Dawn of Modern Europe

By Douglas Shantz

Taking into account new discoveries in the field, Douglas H. Shantz focuses on features of Pietism that made it religiously and culturally significant. He discusses the social and religious roots of Pietism in earlier German Radicalism and situates Pietist beginnings in three cities: Frankfurt, Leipzig, and Halle. Shantz also examines the cultural worlds of the Pietists, including Pietism and gender, Pietists as readers and translators of the Bible, and Pietists as missionaries to the far reaches of the world. He not only considers Pietism's role in shaping modern western religion and culture but also reflects on the relevance of the Pietist religious paradigms of today.

Between Sardis and Philadelphia: the Life and World of Pietist Court Preacher Conrad Broske (Leiden: Brill, 2008).

Available at the Brill Website