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Department of Chemistry

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Undergraduate Admissions

Admission/Program Requirements

Programs have minimum requirements that applicants must meet in order to be eligible for consideration of admission. As there are limited numbers of positions for each faculty/program, applicants who meet the minimum admission requirements are considered for admission on a competitive basis. For comprehensive information on program requirements and admission procedures, please visit the Prospective Students page.


Most junior level Chemistry courses require prerequisite courses from the Alberta High School system (Math 30-1 or Pure Mathematics 30 or equivalent, and Chemistry 30). Specific courses require a minimum grade in these prerequisites. For details on the prerequisites for each chemistry course, please consult the University Calendar course descriptions (CHEM).  

A continuing student may not register in a course offered within the Faculty of Science unless a grade of at least C- has been obtained in each prerequisite taken unless otherwise outlined in the University Calendar course descriptions. It is the responsibility of students to ensure that they meet all prerequisite requirements.

Chemistry 30 Alternative

The Faculty of Continuing Education at the University of Calgary offers Chemistry I & Chemistry II which are designed to prepare students for first year Chemistry. For more information phone Continuing Education at 403-220-2866 or visit their website.

Transfer Credit 

The University of Calgary allows students, under certain conditions, to transfer credits taken in equivalent courses at other institutions toward their degree program at the University of Calgary. Students wishing to transfer from another post-secondary institution must meet the application and transcript deadlines set out in the University of Calgary calendar. Furthermore, whether or not a course taken at another institution shall be deemed equivalent is at the discretion of the Faculty of Science. Students wishing to transfer from other institutions are encouraged to consult with both Enrollment Services and the Faculty of Science Undergraduate Science Centre to determine their eligibility and course equivalencies.

International Students

University of Calgary International (UCI)

University of Calgary International (UCI) manages programs for international students coming to Calgary to study. If you are coming from another country and have questions about whether or not the University will recognize your foreign high school or post-secondary education, the UCI is where you can find answers. Information about the University of Calgary's partnerships with other universities around the world is also available through the UCI.  Students with questions about coming to Canada to study, funding opportunities for international students, and academic programming advice for international students are encouraged to visit the University of Calgary International (UCI) website for more information.

Centre for International Students and Study Abroad (CISSA)

The Centre for International Students and Study Abroad (CISSA) administers a number of programs for international and local students. The Centre promotes inter-cultural exchange opportunities by assisting international students with their acclimatization to Canada, and by promoting opportunities for local students to study abroad. The University of Calgary views internationalization as a highly desirable supplement to any degree, and the Centre for International Students and Study Abroad works hard to provide those types of opportunities to our students. If you have questions about services for international students, like additional English language support, or about studying at one of our partner universities around the world, please consult the Centre's website.

Trans-Atlantic Science Student Exchange Program (TASSEP)

In addition to the opportunities to study abroad offered through the Centre for International Students and Study Abroad, the Faculty of Science participates in several international programs restricted to science students.  The largest of these is TASSEP (Trans-Atlantic Science Student Exchange Program;, an agreement between three consortia - European, US and Canadian - that gives UofC science students access to about twenty European institutions. Students interested in what opportunities might be available should consult the Program's website.

Students transferring from other provinces and outside the country will be required to have a transfer assessment made by the University of Calgary Admissions Office prior to registering for their courses.