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Department of Chemistry

Science A 229
University of Calgary
2500 University Dr NW
Calgary, AB T2N 1N4 Canada
T. 403.220.5341
F. 403.289.9488

General Services

CHEMATIX Waste Disposal

Chematix is an online system used to manage emergency contact information for all of campus, chemical inventory in labs and waste disposal protocols. 

Here are some instructions that will hopefully help guide you through the waste disposal procedure implemented at U of C. Please note this is a two-step process, first you must generate a waste card, but then you must submit a pickup worksheet. Follow all steps outlined below.

To access Chematix, go to “My U of C” >Campus Services>  EHS Tools Chematix>  Click here to Continue.

For waste disposal, click on the “Waste Management” module. If you have waste to be disposed of, you first must create a waste card that specifies the details of your waste (you have a multitude of options to chose from). Enter all information required on the work card and click on “Generate Waste Card” button at bottom of screen.

Print *two* copies (one for your records and once copy attached to actual waste container).

Note the barcode issued on the waste card printout. You must also write this code on the waste container; for example, if the barcode issued is UCW000935, simply write “935” on your waste container. Ensure 1 printed copy is attached to the waste container.

Now that you have completed a waste card, you must submit a Pickup Worksheet. This option is listed under “Manage your Laboratory Waste” under the link, “Create Pickup Worksheet”. Select the appropriate location and your waste card should now be displayed. Click on waste to be picked up and save and submit for pickup.

Hazmat will pick up the waste at the specified location. Pick up days are Tuesday and Thursday. Hazmat can only access areas that are open/unlocked as they do not have master keys.


Both Science A 229A and Science B 324 are equipped with SMART Board Technology. For more information on the SMART Board system and available online training, please visit:

Laundry Services

A laundry facility for washing lab coats is located in EEEL-063U. This room requires keys to access that can be signed out from Bethany Lane in our Main Chemistry Office, SA 229. We only have one key, so please return it promptly.

A high efficiency washer and dryer have been installed, but no detergent is provided, so please bring your own. Since these are high efficiency machines, ONLY use high efficiency detergent (ensure “HE” is clearly marked on the detergent label); otherwise, you can damage the machines.

Where is EEEL-063U

Use the room finder to discover where the room is. Only the two north side stairwells allow access to the basement level and the elevators are card-locked, so you must ensure your UCID card has the necessary permissions for basement-level access in EEEL. Bethany can apply these permissions to your UCID card.

Please report any machine troubles to Michelle 403-220-7278


Extensive and varied computing is available in the Department: ranging from high performance clusters used for computational chemistry through dedicated instrumentation computers to shared printing and scanning facilities.