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Fac. of Science IT Support


Department of Chemistry

Science A 229
University of Calgary
2500 University Dr NW
Calgary, AB T2N 1N4 Canada
T. 403.220.5341
F. 403.289.9488

Technical Services

A comprehensive range of facilities is available to support teaching and research. Our Department has a tradition of collaboration and sharing which has enabled both well supported community facilities and sharing of resources located in group research and teaching areas. This area of our web site documents our facilities including some of the commonly shared instructional and research equipment.

Chemistry Instrumentation

The Chemistry Instrumentation Facility houses NMR, EPR and mass spectrometers, infrared and UV/visible spectrophotometers and other characterization instruments.

IT Help

The Faculty of Science offers an integrated IT service which improves the efficiency and functionality of IT across the Faculty, Chemistry is part of this service. Chemistry’s representative in the Faculty of Science Integrated IT Service is Mike Siewert.

Chemistry Stores

Chemistry Stores (SB 050) provides chemicals, laboratory apparatus, stationery, as well as shipping and receiving services to the department.

Electronics Shop

The Chemistry Electronics Shop (SA 06) has facilities for diagnosis and repair of all types of chemical instrumentation and computing equipment.

Science Workshop

The Science Workshop provides technical support to many researchers and teachers in the Faculty of Science, in addition to other University units.

Glass Shop

The glass shop is operated by Mark Toonen and provides services for the Department of Chemistry, as well as the Faculty of Science, entire University campus and the general public.

X-ray Crystallography Services

The X-ray Crystallography laboratory is equipped with a state-of-the-art Enraf-Nonius APEXII CCD four circle diffractometer and a Bruker Smart APEXII three circle diffractometer.

Shared Printing

Chemistry Shared Printing (SB 048 and SA 229)
The Department provides Print (Colour and Black & White), Photocopy, Fax and Scan resources to department members using Project Imagine Xerox Workcentres and Xerox Network Accounting

General Services

The Department provides a variety of general services including Shared Printing, Laundry Services, CHEMATIX Waste Disposal and Computing.