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Department of Chemistry

Science A 229
University of Calgary
2500 University Dr NW
Calgary, AB T2N 1N4 Canada
T. 403.220.5341
F. 403.289.9488

Emergency Procedures and Contacts

Submitted by burnsc on Wed January 14, 2015 - 9:38am

Emergency Contacts

(403) 220-5333 Campus Security
911 Fire, Police, Ambulance

Fire / Explosion

In case of fire, alert people around you, activate the nearest fire pull station if the alarm is not sounding, evacuate the building and proceed to the Assembly Point, call 911 or Campus Security.

Emergency Instruction/ Evacuation Plan in Your Area

Assembly Points

Building Primary Secondary
Science B ICT Food Court Social Sciences Food Court
Science A Social Sciences Food Court ICT Food Court
Earth Sciences ICT Food Court Social Sciences Food Court
EEEL ICT Food Court Social Sciences Food Court
Biological Sciences Social Sciences Food Court ICT Food Court

Fire Emergency Wardens in Chemistry

For More Information

Please visit the Emergency Instructions web page, provided by the University of Calgary's Emergency Management team


  • Get medical assistance (First aid kit) for the injured person.
  • Do not move seriously injured person(s), unless his/her life is in danger.
  • Contact Campus Security (403) 220-5333, for assistance.
  • Call 911 for ambulance if needed.

First Aid Volunteers in Chemistry

Location Name Phone
Biological Sciences (5 F) Molly Chisholm (403) 220-3278
EEEL (2 F) Nick Oakley (403) 220-2617
Science A (0 F) Mike Siewert (403) 220-5371
Science A (1 F) Ian Hunt (403) 220-6430 
Science A (2 F) Sarah Boschman (403) 220-5341
Science A (2 F) Bethany Lane (403) 220-5340
Science A (2F) Jin Meng (403) 220-6049
Science B (1 F) Wade White (403) 220-5359
Science B (4 F) Simon Trudel (403) 210-7078

Reporting an Accident / Incident

Safety Office
MacEwan Student Centre (MSC) Room 260
Tel: (403) 220-6345; e-mail:; website: